Cape Verde Safety
Cape Verde Safety


Don’t worry – this heading does not mean that you must be excessively cautious! Cape Verde is a safe country without any terrorist organisations. The rule of law is acknowledged just like in Europe.
Nevertheless, you should not be naïve as a traveller because minor thefts are prevalent in the larger cities and on highly frequented beaches since the establishment of tourism. In particular, you should be careful in Praia on Santiago, especially at night. Another place to act with caution is in Mindelo on São Vicente. It’s sad to note that street children are hired to steal and there are occasional robberies (mostly at night) here.
Current Situation: Reports of violent robberies (during the day) in deserted areas on the island of Boa Vista have recently increased. Please take precautions, especially on the path to the Santa Monica beach.
When visiting the above-mentioned locations, do not show off your wealth. Leave your passport and larger amounts of money in the hotel safe.

Emergency Telephone Numbers:
Hospital: 130
Fire brigade: 131
Police: 132

For emergency cases in Cape Verde (lost passport, money lost, problems with authorities, etc.):

United Kingdom is represented in Cape Verde by:

British Honorary Consul

Shell Cabo Verde Sarl
Av Amilcar Cabral CP4
Sao Vicente
Tel: 00 (238) 232 66 25/26/27
Fax: 00 (238) 232 66 29

The USA is represented in Cape Verde by:

U. S. Embassy Praia

Contact Information:
United States Embassy
Rua Abilio Macedo 6
Caixa Postal 201
Praia, Cape Verde
Telephone: (238) 260 89 00
Fax: (238) 261 13 55


If you are an American citizen with an after-hours emergency, please contact the officer on duty at:

Phone (Cape Verde): +238-991 33 25