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What you should know before and during your trip to Cape Verde

An airport tax (TSA) is payable for entry to Cape Verde if the stay is up to 30 days... more >>
The currency of Cape Verde is the Escudo de Cabo Verde (ECV)... more >>
We present the various types of available travel literature, as well as maps of the Cape Verde Islands. We’ve picked out the best for you… more >>
Air travel between Cape Verde? Here we inform you about the current possibilities... more >>
Here you can find information about ferries between Cape Verde Islands… more >>
On the Cape Verde Islands, there are two mobile phone network providers with quite reasonable rates... more >>
There are very few contagious diseases or even epidemics on Cape Verde due to the dry climate and constantly blowing wind. You can feel safe here because... more >>
Don’t worry – this heading does not mean that you must be excessively cautious! Cape Verde is a safe country without any terrorist organisations. The rule of law is acknowledged just like in Europe... more >>
You could say that the clocks tick differently on Cape Verde. As a matter of fact, the archipelago is 2 hours behind Central European Time… more >>
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