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    I would seriously think twice about anyone suing Turinvest in the present economic climate. Force majuere is very close to econmic majuere and as Turinvest are propping up the Cape Verde economy and employing 1000’s of people I think with all respect to the Judiciary of the Cape verde Islands they would rather few foreigners lose a couple of thousand euros than they lose the lifeblood to the islands irrspective of justice.

    Look at it this way. I go off and employ a lawyer to act on my behalf in cape verde I give him a retainer of say £3000 and tell him to recover my losses under the terms of the contract. The arbitator says ‘yeah all right you got a case and awards me £1000’ Turinvest appeal I pay the lawyer another £3000 and a further £6000 to cover the costs of Turinvest if they win the appeal. I’ve just spent £12000 to recover £1000? The costs of the hearing do not always follow the sucessful litigant.

    If I lose we all lose. A precedent has been set. My considered opinion is that we have an excellent case but will lose AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME. Sit tight dont rock the boat. Wait ubtil we have the deeds at least.

    Just getting my apartment finished will be a miracle in itself. When that is done and the buggers dont build an aqua park I will then withold maintanace payments and cosider a class action against Turinvest.

    With the biggest banks in the world crumbling on a daily basis is it wise to pick a fight right now?

    Has anyone actually recieved compensation? or are the agents spinning a few tales again.

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