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    Hi, we went out in June and had a look around our apartment, and also met up with the Tecnicil staff, as well as the solicitor. We feel a bit more reassured now, after seeing ‘Canna’, which is finished and looks really well. The show apartment looks great, although the washing machine has no top on it – a problem in a lot of apartments, from what I have heard!
    There is still work ongoing in and around Calistemon, but it certainly has potential and we think it will be worth the wait when it is all finished. It should be soon ready for the 2nd snagging, we were told things would be sorted by the end of June, but that hasn’t happened yet. Mind you, we would prefer all the issues to be sorted to a high standard, so are happy to work with Tecnicil, and our ‘Snagger’ on the issues.
    Anyone else been out to have a look at their property?
    PS Does anyone know hot to upload photos? I took a few and would like to be able to share them here!


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