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    george r

    We are putting together an Owners Group to challenge the recent changes to the level of service provided by Melia and The Resort Group.The changes are extensive and will affect the ability to rent your privately owned villa or apartment.
    If the issues are nt resolved ,then it can dramatically affect the value of your investment
    if you are a private owner,then get in touch,and we will try to assist everyone to resolve this highly unsatisfactory situation ,that has been imposed upon us.
    Why is it that only the private owners are affected????
    Why the sudden change?
    Why are we paying a hefty service charge for very little service???
    Please take these changes seriously,as they are seriously affecting you and the value of your property

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    Hi George,
    We have been affected by this and we are not happy. I have emailed both Resort Grp and Sol Melia, but they are still staying these changes are happening – didn’t even consult us as owners. Cannot advise on any Management Companies and have yet to come back about exactly what resort facilities our paying guests are entitled to, if any unless they are all inclusive! I am sure this cannot be legal and I hope more of us get together to say so. They have created a big divide and we cannot use the cafe facilities on site or restaurant without paying all inclusive. They are making it more of a security risk by us having to get other people in to take care of cleaning etc., and putting their all inclusive guests priority. If they didnt have owners there wouldnt even be a resort. Let me know if you set up this group. They also stopped the towell collection service at the pool. \ 🙁 Regards Mandy

    george r

    Hi Mandy
    We are all in the same rocky boat.if you can give me some contact points I will ring or e-mail to add your details to the Owners Group.
    If you have contact with any other private owners,I would urge you to ask them to make contact,and once we have a large group,we will advise everyone of our proposed strategy .


    Hi George,

    Thank you for getting back.
    My email is
    Quite a few owners I know are in the rental scheme. There must be quite a few who are not, as you can see them advertised on Holiday Lettings.
    Many thanks.



    Hi Gill,
    Yes they said this and I replied:-

    You may be aware that changes have been made regarding private owners using their own apartments including family and friends:-

    I note your comment regarding your family’s plans to stay at your apartment from the 12th to the 19th November. Please note, the occupancy for the winter season is expected to be very high across both resorts. Taking this into consideration the space on Tortuga Beach Resort around the pools, the beach and around the main square is very limited.

    Therefore private owners of properties on Tortuga and Dunas as well as their guests will need to purchase an All Inclusive Package to use the Tortuga facilities. These are subject to availability. Please find attached the all-inclusive price list for Tortuga Beach Resort. Many thanks.

    This is what I said to the Resort Group and Sol Melia:-

    Firstly, I do not see how making people spend All Inclusive Prices, would mean giving extra space around the pool areas, or sun beds or hotel! It will just make you all more money, and take it from the owners. Money we are already paying to you through Management Fees and our purchase and commitment when buying the apartment.

    This is a breach of the signed contract and agreement, whereby it does state that if Management Fees are not paid then the owners would not be able to use the resort facilities.

    However, as owners, we are paying our Management Fees, and should my sister have any problems whatsoever during her stay at our apartment I am sure she will say so, and advise others. This would obviously mean us having to withdraw our Management Fees as we are not actually receiving what we are paying into.

    Please forward a copy of my email on to Rob Jarrett, as we feel you are not adhering to the contracts and the respect of the Owners who have bought at the resort, and I reiterate, without which, you would not have a resort.

    They came back to say there was a meeting held today with the Managing Director and they would get back shortly.

    I am already added to the Owners Group.

    Thank you for the contact for services, which I will take on board.

    We are furious to say the least. Yes we could get a lawyer involved, but at what cost to us? I think if we all stick together we will have more power.

    Many thanks.

    Mandy 😡


    I have, to my utter joy, just seen this forum. I have completely lost faith in the Resort Group and am desperately seeking some advice from fellow owners as to some clarity towards certain recent developments. Namely the sudden revelation that if we don’t use a booked week our rental income is proportionately docked. I would be most grateful for some response as to whether I am alone in thinking that this is illegal at worst or completely underhand at best. The level of ineptitude I have had to endure in 2013 is bordering on unprecedented and I am rapidly running out of patience…
    I am also just picking up news from your posts about the incredulous situation regarding the withdrawal of services which might push me to boiling point. Has Rob Jarrett been made aware of all this discontent?

    george r

    I am involved with private owners on Tortuga and Dunas,and we decided from day 1 to steer clear of the, managed/hotel scheme.
    We had some success recently as TRG and Melia realised that they were wrong to remove services to private owners.
    Your problem is a different one,which I am not familiar with.
    I would suggest getting in touch with other owners in the same situation,and provide a united response to the Resort Group.
    Sorry I could be of no further assistance,at this stage.


    Hi, Just wanted to say that they did reverse the decision to stop private owners (either family, guests or rental guests) from using the Resort Facilities as it was in fact a breach of the contract and I felt in no way could they do this.
    However, they are insisting if we have paid rental guests using our apartment that we have to use our own Management Company, to pay for key holding facilities and cleaning.
    They have recently told me that Ronald, who I thought was designated to us as “Owner Manager” does not have anything to do with private owners unless they are part of the Melia All Inclusive guests. Although in the early years, he was assigned to us as our Owner Manager should we have any problem.
    We have now heard our TV is not working and Ronald has nothing to do with this. Edgar and Pedro are apparently the ones to contact, and having asked three days ago about what is happening, I am still not sure if they have looked at the TV. They want us to sign a disclaimer form to say if we are using a management company for handing over keys they are not liable for anything happening in the apartment. We have not signed this. The divide is very clear, if you are not in “their” rental scheme, you will receive no help from the Management at the Hotel. 🙄 Mandy

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