Tecnicilworkers on Vila verde not being paid.

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    john v v

    It’s been reported on Vila verde owners group web site that tecnicil workers haven’t been paid for a number of months and that a strike may be called. This information was taken from a Cape Verde newspaper I believe. Again I ask all those owners to get informed and involved in the running of the resort before its too late. We may well find the whole resort closed down and mothballed due to reported cash flow problems. Sure you will still own your properties but with no security, swimming pools, shops, community lighting or maintainance your property would be unsellable and unusable. Please inform yourselves regarding your investment and take measures to safeguard it. Vila verde owners group and Vila verde legal group ( v v -lg.com/ ) have lots of information and forums. I’m sure other web sites will also be available .
    There are a number of condominiums where if all owners voted either by proxy vote or in person to take control and run their own community areas then they could. Refer to Vila verde owners web site for details.

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    Tecnicil Imo are refusing to hand back the keys to some owners whose rental agreements have recently ended, the properties have long term tenants in and Tecnicil are keeping all of the money. Tecnicil Resorts have followed the same path as Tecnicil Imo by not paying any rental money to those owners that have recently signed up for their rental scheme. I would urge all owners to join the VVLG.

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