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    Sorry, further to the above, I forgot to mention:-

    My advice to anyone who has received a bill for backdated condominium charges, is to only accept liability for such charges, from the date that you were, or are fully able to use your apartment. That is the stance that I have taken, and am more than happy to go to court if Tecnicil wish to continue to try and enforce payments on an apartment that I am unable to use due to their inefficiency/financial mismanagement.

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    During the meeting last week, we covered a number of subjects, which gave lots of information to buyers, who were all at various stages in the buying process.

    Before the meeting, I had been waiting for some positive news from Tecnicil regarding, outstanding rental payments, missing furniture, and the backdating of condominium fees. As we speak, I am still awaiting a response from Tecnicil, but, it is the huge amounts of emails that I have received from buyers this week, that has prompted this post.

    At the meeting, I covered compensation payments, explaining when payments on phase 1 & 2 started, the amounts involved and when they should be payable up until. This week, I have received numerous requests to calculate buyers compensation and have done so and my figures are 100% correct. I now find that my figures differ from those being offered by Tecnicil, this is either due to simply offering less than they should, or, as appears to be the case, due to the fact that they are trying to cease compensation payments when they give notice to snag, rather than deeds as it should be. I have spoken with Tecnicil over this and advised them that the contract is quite clear, in that compensation is due up until 28 days after deeds notification, and deeds notification cannot be given until the apartment is to the buyers satisfaction, or signed off by the snaggers. Tecnicil’s approach on this annoys me somewhat, as it comes from a company that has ignored the money back clause in the contract, going on to say that they are at least offering compensation in line with the contract as an alternative. My advice to buyers, is to be aware of this, and what you are due and make sure it is correct before going any further, as you have no chance of getting it corrected once you have gone to deeds.

    Also, at the moment, Tecnicil are pushing buyers to pay their final furniture payments, before they go to deeds, in order not to hold up delivery. Let me be quite clear on this, buyers who have completed almost 2 years ago and have paid in full for their furniture, still do not have complete furniture packs. This is because all of the furniture has not been paid for by Tecnicil and so is not available to install. If you do not wish to become another buyer with an apartment that you can’t use due to missing furniture, mattresses, sofas, patio furniture, I would suggest that you hold back your final furniture payment until you have assurances that everything is available. Better still, maybe don’t even complete on your apartment, until you have such assurances, otherwise you may end up in the same boat as others that have gone before, which is very frustrating.

    To date, Tecnicil have not paid any rent to buyers who are in the rental pool, these payments should be made every 6 months, yet again, some buyers who completed almost 2 years ago have received nothing. My advice to those buyers who are affected by this, is look at your contract, if Tecnicil do not pay your rent, you can terminate the agreement and still expect future rental payments, as they are in breach. This gives you your apartment back, takes it out of the hands of Tecnicil, and whilst they probably still won’t pay any rent, you can hold amounts due against future condominium charges for example.

    So what of those condominium charges? Towards the back end of last year, Tecnicil called meetings for some of the first communities to be completed. The notice given for such meetings was around 10 days (if at all), a period which I have since asked Tecnicil to review and maybe increase to 6 months, to allow buyers to make plans to attend. The Canna meeting was the first to be held, 2 buyers in attendance, 1 representative, representing 3 other buyers, so 5 buyers in total to vote. Tecnicil hold the votes of the empty units, I understand that was in the region of 30, so you can guess in whose favour the votes went. Similar patterns emerged on the next few communities and Tecnicil failed to advise many buyers of the outcome of such meetings within 28 days,which they are duty bound to do. It was decided that buyers should have to accept the accounts and pay all fees due from 2009 & 2010, if they had gone to deeds during those years. This was irrespective of whether their apartments were habitable, or whether they could access the site, or whether they had electric or water, or whether they had missing furniture or not. Tecnicil had previously provided myself and other buyers with emails stating that condominium fees would not be backdated where buyers could no use their apartments for whatever reason. Today, Tecnicil have sent bills for backdated condominium fees, some of them up to around 1500 euros, despite some buyers never being able to use their apartments, having incomplete paid for furniture packs, and having received no rent that is now well overdue.

    Along with all of the above, one buyer in the rental pool, today received a letter from their lawyers, stating that if they didn’t pay their arrears on their water and electric, they would be cut off. The electric and water bills for all buyers in the rental pool, are the responsibility of Tecnicil, so yes, they haven’t been paying such bills. In this particular instance, the apartment in question has also been rented out by Tecnicil, highlighted by the fact that another buyer staying in that apartment recently, commented on it’s dirty state and other problems, which greeted them on their arrival. This is not an uncommon theme when it comes to comments regarding Tecnicil Resort Management, who have put buyers in wrong apartments, not carried out cleaning instructions given, told buyers arriving they have no reservation despite buyers having confirmation emails, I could go on trust me!

    The fact is, Tecnicil have put themselves in charge of the future management of the resort, yet have not made a great start! They are showing themselves, to be a company who want it all their own way and have acted disgracefully over many matters. We are getting an owners group together, to hopefully ensure that we make sure that we all protect our investments going forward and get the most out of our holiday homes. Personally, whilst I am currently in the rental pool, with missing furniture, knowing others rents haven’t been paid, knowing the apartments are not well managed, I will certainly be looking to get out after 2 years, to manage it myself, and ensure my utility bills are paid and connection remains.

    I highlight all of the above, in order that buyers are aware and can so act accordingly, with caution. Many of us are aware of the importance of an owners group, as if Tecnicil carry on the way they are, they will destroy OUR resort and OUR investments. We need to ensure that Tecnicil are aware that as a group, we have the power to shape the future. Maybe Tecnicil just knowing that, will be enough to ensure they pull their socks up and start acting with integrity. I hope they do, and I still believe they should be given time and a chance to. However, if they don’t, it is important as a group that we are able to put alternative management in place, in order to keep Vila Verde looking as fantastic as it is starting to, and to ensure that is well run for the benefit of us all for years to come.

    Rant over.


    Great post and very informative. I have been looking for some fairness like lots of others and can frankly say that I’m hitting a brick wall. There’s seems to be only one way and that is the Tecnicil way.
    I still have not recieve any rent,but have recieved today notice for condo fees from when I completed when it was a building site( hard hats and all that )It is no good any more saying the place looks good, we all agree with that, it’s what’s going on behind the the scenes.Bottom line make a stand now or be at their mercey.
    I don’t know about rants, sometimes things have to be said.
    It’s your investment, what do you think?


    peter c

    My experience so far would suggest that Tecnicil are not capable of managing the resort. My advice at this moment in time is to vote them out so that they no longer run the resort at the earliest opportunity. Running a resort is not too difficult, it is like most businesses, in my past I have set up business units bigger than Tecnicil and currently manage brands worth more than Tecnicil. I would never employ a management group with such low standards of customer and consumer appreciation.
    Together we have the power to do that. We could then get a professional operator onboard.


    I have to agree with Peter, I don’t think they are up to running the Resort, they are going to have to dramatically improve on what I witnessed while staying in a rental pool apartment. Grease in the oven, dusty wardrobes, crumbs in the toaster, only one t-towel which was dirty, no cleaning equipment brush etc, I could go on. To make matters worse that Maria was very rude, she could learn some manors from the security and gardening staff who were so friendly and well manored.


    Perhaps it’s time to hear from the more positive postive posters, I like a challenge. When I’m on high ground.



    Andy, thanks for giving us your feedback and advice yet again.

    Buyers/owners must realise that divided we stand no chance of influencing this company on any issue, they have demonstrated abject contempt for us repeatedly on a range of issues. They have failed miserably to deliver what they were contracted to do within the timescale set-out. They continue to ignore the terms of the contract they agreed with us, and use strong arm tactics at every stage of the delivery process to achieve their objectives. Well Enough is Enough!

    Now is the time for action,we urgently need an Owners Committee with the authority from owners to represent them in talks with Tecnicil on all these key issues.We will need to do this at some point in the future so lets crack on and do it now!

    I respectfully ask buyers/owners to voice their opinions on this proposal and develop it on this and the other forum. Collectively we can and will make a difference, people power works, there are lots of things we can and will do to get them round the table.

    There’s an air of arrogance about this company and the people we currently deal with, they have abused and alienated their clients who have stuck with them all this time and on who they are reliant to settle their accounts and get them out of trouble on completion.

    A most unusual strategy in such a fragile financial environment.

    Your thoughts please readers?


    Hi HW

    Thanks for all your time and effort, i really am grateful and others (as i have done at times) should not just take it for granted that you and a couple of others automatically know it.

    I am out in a couple of weeks so if there is anything i can do please ask away.


    Cheers Rich


    I am no fan of Tecnicil – slow build, didn’t refund deposits, overpriced furniture and low return rental scheme.
    on a personal note they also underpaid my compensation.

    on the plus side, they have built the properties and i am very pleased with the standard of the whole development.

    the current situation where some of you are talking about ‘united we stand and divided we fall’ reminds me of union speak and i don’t think it’s necessarily the right approach. unions and their members often think they are powerful because they have lots of members but recent history has shown that unions rarely achieve good results for their members and really just waste everyone’s time and money.

    tecnicil should be encouraged to do the right things and we should try to speak in terms of win win situations rather than get into ‘them and us’ arguments and stand offs.

    clearly there is management capability within Tecnicil and I think they should be given more time to get the management company running properly.
    i think that all of their problems have been down to a lack of money but they have persevered and the development is really taking shape well. their management capacity has been overstretched in dealing with money issues, legal cases, buyers queries etc. when these issues are resolved they will have more time to concentrate on resort management.
    they are delivering, we just need to be patient imo.

    i think you all must remember as well that Tecnicil has the strong support of the CV govt and that we are all foreigners. this is not an advanced country like the uk, where getting Tecnicil to do the right things or replacing them as the management company would be relatively easy and legally straightforward.

    i will continue to represent myself in any disputes with Tecnicil.

    if you want to group together i can’t stop you but be careful what you wish for – sometimes it’s better the devil you know and, as i said, i think Tecnicil will eventually get it right.

    peter c

    I must say I disagree almost completely with your post!

    you quote:

    I am no fan of Tecnicil – slow build, didn’t refund deposits, overpriced furniture and low return rental scheme.
    on a personal note they also underpaid my compensation

    So you agree Tecnicil could not manage to build to the building schedule that they drew up. They did not manage to refund deposits due to people in the contract that they drew up. They overpriced the furniture (your words not mine). You believe the rental return to be low. They have fiddled you out of compensation you are due in the contract they drew up. They did not say ‘Hey ontoyou, were a bit short of dosh, have this few quid for now, and we’ll pay you the rest when we are a bit more flush’. They just fiddled you.

    the current situation where some of you are talking about ‘united we stand and divided we fall’ reminds me of union speak and i don’t think it’s necessarily the right approach. unions and their members often think they are powerful because they have lots of members but recent history has shown that unions rarely achieve good results for their members and really just waste everyone’s time and money.

    Your history is a bit sketchy here. Reminds you of union speak! United we stand, divided we fall, is from one of Winston Churhills most famous speeches. Hardly a union man. Look the speach up.
    Here is an extract from Churchills speach:
    ‘but there was no unity, no vision,the nations were pulled down one by one, while the others gaped and chattered. One by one, each in his turn they let themselves be caught.
    Churchill did achieve a good result for his members.
    As Churchill saw during Britains darkest hours, we see now during ours. If we are one common voice, united in our will to succeed and for VV to succeed then we can achieve great things. If we are divided, we will be picked of one at a time, until we are no more.

    tecnicil should be encouraged to do the right things and we should try to speak in terms of win win situations rather than get into ‘them and us’ arguments and stand offs.

    I agree that Tecnicil should be encouraged to do the right things, and as individuals many of us have and still are trying that aproach. Unfortunatly, Tecnicil at the momment want a Tecnicil win win situation, not an all win situation. I am still a firm believer in the theory that competition, and the threat of competition drive improved efficiency. We as the owners of VV need to give Tecnicil a hand in driving efficiency by being clear what our expectaions are and what will happen if they do not meet them. i want Tecnicil to be successful, but not by stealing money from us, but by providing a good quality cost effective service, and treating owners with respect and honesty.

    You say there is clearly management capability within Tecnicil. I say show me one shred of evidence of that.

    As a group of owners, we need to combine our votes at all the general meetings to ensure we get what we want. If we do not, we will be getting stung every year, because there is one only on thing truer than competition improving efficiency, and that is the lack of competion breeds laziness, inefficiency, and increaced cost. Which is after all what you union mates wanted OTU. A company like Tecnicil.



    the shred of evidence that Tecnicil have management capabilities is the photographs of the development.
    this, imo, is a great accomplishment in the face of the credit crunch, difficult logistics, solicitors, legal fights, buyers pulling out, buyers constantly complaining and demanding attention and meetings etc

    i know you keep blowing your own trumpet that you are a great manager and what Tecnicil did was nothing special but i really don’t think the 2 things compare.
    you are a salaried cog in a large western company and you are doing things that others have done before you and you are doing them in a structured systematic way in a well organised and managed company with support systems all around you and positive cash flow.

    Tecnicil broke new ground. The development was enormous, the port was tiny, it was in an undeveloped, uneducated remote Africa country, they had inexperience all around them, crooked agents working against them and they took the risk of losing everything and going bankrupt.
    And just as they started the credit crunch happened and we all wanted our money back.

    Considering these things the standard of development they have achieved is fantastic and is improving rapidly – i’m thinking of the tennis courts, supermarket and restaurant.

    Given the quality of the development i’m ok with giving them a chance to manage the resort.

    On my compensation issue, yes Tecnicil were guilty, but my solicitors, bank and myself were also at fault. Everyone has to look out for themselves and their own money imo.

    I do agree with an owners group but it’s just my opinion that we should try to get on with Tecnicil rather than fight with them. It is not in their interests to run the resort badly or to overcharge us.
    They know that if they do either or both we will replace them.



    You have your opinion and are entitled to it, albeit misguided.

    Tecnicil are eventually delivering to a good standard, but you know what, they were actually contracted to do just that! I don’t get this stance that they had money problems. Clients were plentiful during the marketing phase, deposits and substantial stage payments were made. Corporate finance was in place with the banks and yes the Government backed them as well.

    It doesn’t get much better than that when your in business!

    You mention in your post that we should give Tecnicil a chance, they deserve every opportunity to come good, HELLO, I thought we had done that in abundance. Project two years overdue we stick by them only to be kicked where it hurts at every stage of the completion process and now beyond with one sided meetings on Condo Fees et al. Or do you include accepting “less compensation” that your entitled to as your contribution to your “win win” relationship with your contractor, give me a break!

    In terms of collective action you talk of unionism,you might want to brush up on recent history, unions did have a bad name through the actions of some. However a lot of good did come from those organisations in terms of better working conditions, welfare and health care. If they had not picked up the challenge all those years ago we would still have kids up chimneys and the like.

    My last post on this subject talked of People Power not unions, it was intended to get people debating and thinking about standing up for what is right and not rolling over and just taking everything this arrogant company throws at us. “People Power” works with some fantastic examples,look at recent history, the Berlin Wall, South Africa and now Egypt.

    Your post smacks of appeasment, lets not do anything that might upset the bully just in case he gets more angry and does something even worse. You know what, in my experience he absolutely will, again and again.

    You continue to look after yourself OnToYou, I hope you feel really good about yourself. However there are people out there who will be glad of the support from other buyer / owners, these are the people who matter and I for one am happy to help where I can

    End of Rant!

    ps I’m not a foreigner, I’m a Client in case you missed that.

    peter c

    You are correct I am a salaried cog in a large organisation. I KNOW I could not do what Tecnicil did in building vv. I also know that I have never claimed to be able to. Tecnicil did.
    I have stuck by Tecnicil all through this project. Paid all my money on time. Completed nearly 2years ago and still can’t use my apartment almost 5 years since paying my 50% deposit. Tecnicil are now trying to charge condo fees for an apartment that has been unusable. I will not hand over any more money. Others are in the same position and not had their rental money paid. These situations are beyond just poor management and verge on criminal!
    Buyers need to push Tecnicil to perform and fulfil their obligations in a cost effective manner, and if Tecnicil cannot perform we need to replace them. I want to give Tecnicil a chance, they have after all had 5 years of practice now on vv, but their one sided view of everything is going to help. Any decent managers they have do not seem to be at a level that can influence any business decisions, this. Is not blowing my own trumpet, it is an observation on how they operate.
    OTU, you may be happy with everything, but I am not. I want to know when my 2 years rental pool is up and when the 2 years Tecnicil management is up so that I can decide what to do next. As far as I’m concerned, my 2 years for both are up about MAy this year.


    On To You,
    You say you will continue to represent yourself with Technicil,you stood up well to them when they walked all over you by not paying the contracted amount of compensation.LOl.

    Hi All
    Very well put by all the recent posters. Peter, your knowledge of historical events has proved very advantagious on occasion.
    Buyers have been too quiet too long, perhaps now they will make other buyers aware of their plight, for the benefit of all.
    Unlike OTU I think we will be more sucessful working together, rather than apart.
    It would be nice to think we can make Vila Verde the place we all wanted to invest in, rather than Tecnicil telling us what we can have.
    After all, it’s our money.



    Hi All,

    Like many of you I was very angry when I received the email demanding money for 2009 and 2010, during which we couldnt use the product we had purchased.

    After continually pushing them for what these charges will be, including when on site last week!, its very disapointing that they are trying to charge those who have actually been supportive and have help them through their financial problems by completing and settling furniture bills early (despite some of it i.e. patio furniture still not being in place 18 months after payment!).

    However, on reflection, anger isnt very constructive – has anyone looked at the legal situation and the effect of non payment or delayed payment whilst we approach Tecnicil’s morality. At first glance they appear to be in breach of the ruling of informing clients within 28 days of the meeting taking place with the actions/outcomes.

    The product is finally good, however I am, like most posters, very disappointed with this money grabbing approach rather than building a strong relationship and a long term partnership which would result in a great business for Tecnicil. When on site – small things like using Tecnicils transfer service was a rip off €25 and it was just a normal taxi which would cost €10 and basic shopping prior to our arrival was unreceipted and cost €70 when we would have expected €35-40 + 20% delivery.


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