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    john v v

    Tecnicil have informed owners on Vila verde that they will be holding a meeting in the near future concerning rule changes regarding the resort. I believe this is due to the Vila Verde Legal Group putting pressure on Tecnicil in the condominium meetings regarding the running of the resort and the fees being paid. I appeal to every owner on Vila verde to get involved in the running of the resort either on their own or by joining the Vila Verde Owners group or better still the Vila Verde Legal Group. By scrutinising the financing of the resort the Legal Group have pressured Tecnicil in to producing receipts for goods and services. This years condo fees feel by approximately a third. This saving alone more than pays the ten pounds a month it costs to be a member of the Legal Group. You also get help and information from fellow owners and access to the groups solicitor.
    For the owners willing to sit back, pay nothing and let others do all the work in safe guarding their investment I urge you to at least try to gather some information regarding the resort ,so you can see how close we could all be from loosing everything. For those on Vila verde now join other owners for the coffee mornings in the restaurant on Vila verde on Friday mornings.
    I believe you need to act now or have no say in the future financing/running of our resort and of course no say whatsoever in the amount of condo fees you will have to pay or worse still see the whole resort fail and close down.
    When you are asked what you did to safeguard your investment what are you going to say?

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