TACV to start UK Sal and Boa Vista flights in July

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    I have just returned from Boa Vista on the last Astraeus flight. Whilst on the island I was reliably informed that an agreement had been reach by Holiday Options and FM developments with TACV to commence direct flights Gatwick to Boa Vista on 10th July. There was some question about the return flights being from Sal only to Gatwick meaning that passengers would have to be transported to Sal from Boa Vista to catch this flight, however this is still a great improvement on the current situation of no direct flights at all!!



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    If this story I’ve just stumbled across on the TTG Travel website turns out to be true, it will come as a huge relief to a lot of people on this forum. It reads as follows…

    An operator boss about to use Cape Verde’s national airline for a summer holiday programme says he is convinced the carrier has been pulled “out of the dark ages”.

    Holiday Options managing director Hamish Manson accepted TACV had had difficulties with punctuality and cancellations in the past. However, he expects that to change once the airline takes delivery of a fourth aircraft in June – just before Holiday Options’ programme starts.

    The operator has reached agreement with TACV to run a scheduled service from Gatwick to Boa Vista and Sal on Thursdays from July 10.

    The service will have a 12.45 departure and Holiday Options said the flight would “usually take under six hours”. It will have a seat pitch of 30 inches.

    Other operators have complained about TACV’s service record. But Manson said he was confident problems would be solved by the extra aircraft and new management style.

    “They have suffered a bit with their flying programme. They were maybe trying to do too much with the aircraft that they had. A fourth aircraft will give them a lot in reserve,” he said.

    Manson, who visited Cape Verde early in April, added that what he saw gave him confidence that issues were being sorted out. “They have had management consultants in there and the chief executive is doing a good job in bringing the airline out of the dark ages into the modern age.”

    Booking systems had been outdated, he said, and online booking was due to be up and running by June. “I am confident the customer service issues are being addressed and don’t anticipate there will be any problems,” Manson added.

    He said he had been impressed on his visit to Cape Verde by the amount of development and improvement in customer service.

    Holiday Options plans to run fams and offer incentives for agents once the programme is up and running.

    No mention of prices but if it does come off, this has got to be good news for UK holiday makers and property investors in Cape Verde.


    I think Holiday Options are advertising them already as in July the flights are advertised as leaving at 12.45. They are about £500 though (I checked out about 4 different dates) !


    white rabbits. i have flown with tacv before but they are pretty tight with the free drinks….

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