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    Is there anyone out there caught, like me, in the ‘switch and bait’ scam? I am a CAbonunba Investor…………..still am!!!

    I have retained a Spanish Lawyer and we have a case lodged against MRI at the Criminal Court in Marbella regarding this scam.

    We are looking to take our case to the central court in madrid, but URGENTLY need other victims to come forward. My lawyer will take you case without cost, as we are looking to bring this action before the end of the year. We need as many people as possible. Please get in touch asap.



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    Chrissie … bit of an old article but this is what McAnthony thinks of people that critiscise his ‘mis-selling’ tactics!!


    Might be worth contacting Ulster Unionist MP Sammy Wilson who tabled a motion of fraud against McAnthony .. also try this site …..



    Hi Mikee

    I have seen that article before…….and not interested in what Mr McLies thinks!!!

    I have posted on MRI-sg also but was met with huge hostility there as they have an action going with Mr Flores, and see me, and others perusing their own routes, as the enemy!!!

    Still looking for victims though, and in particular Cabonuba investors, who seem to have all disappeared. I guess they switched off from these forums a long time ago ( as did I !!)

    Thanks for your reply


    Chrissie, I had almost given up on cabonuba so it’s great to see that there are still people out there who believe that we can still claw back some of the money we invested. I was also deceived by our friends about the apartment in Bulgaria and am still waiting for my contract. I paid the deposit and have nothing to show for it. Please add my name to the list of people who are willing to take part in the action in Spain. Let me know what you need. Cheers.

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