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    Dear all:

    A lifelong expat, 55, have lived in Brasil (6 yrs.) USA (6 yrs.)and last 15 years in Thailand & Philippines.
    Urgently looking for a new place to stay and spend the rest of my years. Thailand has deteriorated so much the last few years and I REALLY want to leave before I become even more miserable and negative.
    Not an easy task, it seems. But just came across CV, which was mentioned by a friend as a colorful, still affordable place with nice people.
    Here my main points:

    – Love the sea, diving, fishing, swimming.
    – Love animals & nature, especially dogs.
    – Absolutely need internet for daily studies.
    – Would love to live near city for amenities, maybe
    touristy,as this brings some form of entertainment
    and extras for an older, but fit expat.
    – Would love to build or rebuild my own little paradise / home.
    – Have net disposable income of ca. 5000 US$/mth. and
    250’000 US$ for initial setup.Sufficient?
    Don’t drink or smoke, ever.

    Any help to get this started with your expert knowledge & opinions is greatly appreciated.

    Have a great Sunday.


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    Hello Michael,

    maybe the answer is a little late, but here it goes:

    I think it is a really good alternative, and for what you say the islands Sal, Boa Vista and Maio would be interesting for you I think.

    Please also read the section here in this portal under “Life”>”Emigrate to Cape Verde”

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