new wave of completions ?

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    New Wave !!! has there been a wave yet, I thought it was just a dip

    Good Luck

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    Hi all

    Bearing in mind that August 09 was my
    “Your place is now completed,you have 14 days to arrange snagging”

    I have today been informed that my deeds should be signed by the Notary on Friday 16/7/10.(fingers x)

    I got the impression that there are a number being done at this time, so maybe a few of you with comparative dates should give a little chase up to your representatives.

    After a very quiet period from Solicitors/Tecnicil (not responding to e-mails) I have chased and chased so maybe it did some good ?

    Im on Atriplex and from memory i think HIGH WIRE is around my same date periods.

    I will inform you all of the good news OR THE NEW DELAY LOL


    mark b


    I’m on Calistamon and have been infomred to begin shipping my furniture now. I’ve been told I can place all my goods in the apartment whilst they snag. The snagging will only take a week and will be completed whilst im there.


    Hello Worwilly,

    your comments are extremely negative and subjective.
    Please try to be a little more constructive,… [:)]
    We all know it is difficult times, but fortunately most things happen, also if they happen late.

    Best regards,

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    It’s difficult not to be negative when the development has been on going for nearly 4 years now, it could be 6 years before it’s fully up and running. Then you have the developer who is refusing to abide by their own contract, along with other issues.
    It will I’m sure come good eventually for those sticking by their investments, but in the meantime.



    Daniel, what is it with you lately ? If it’s not positive peoples comments should be kept to themselves ? that’s the attitude you seem to be implying !!!

    Unfortunately CV is not like that, if you want to censor the facts coming out simply because it’s not positive, ban me, simple as.

    As put it this way I’d rather be banned than report rubbish like some on here do.

    I’m really happy that I paid for a place in the sun and 5 years on still can’t use it. In fact I don’t own it yet. Those that do own it, have not been paid their promised rents, because Tecnicil has NO money left. YET, they pay themselves and have done for the past 3 years at least €2,000 each a week for doing nothing !!! none of the wonder they want this delay to keep going on.

    So come on Daniel tell everyone the positives of Villa Verde, as I’m sure everyone going for money back, and those sick to death of the lies from Tecnicil would love to know the POSITIVES.

    The Truth of CV is the dream has simply not happened the credit crunch has not helped the BAD MANAGEMENT on ALL development has turned CV developments into a circus, and Tecnicil are to run the management of Villa Verde, How on earth can you pick any Positives out of that ????

    Do your worst boy’O, if all you want is Positive crap posted

    Love WorWilly


    At the beginning of last year you allowed 2 MRI employees on this Vila Verde forum. For months you allowed them to threaten and intimidate other members. The result was that a lot of good people stopped contributing, and this particular forum has never recovered.
    Now you feel that it is appropriate to censure Worwilly for speaking the truth! In my opinion you are bang out of order! Don’t bother to censure me buddy, because this will definitely be the last time I will ever contribute to your form.


    come on, give us all the positives you can think of about what has happened in cv over the last 4 years. the negatives are too numerous to fit on this forum. the way us investors have been treated by the developers and legal system are nothing short of a disgrace to the country.
    the invisible man

    Hello WW

    I think if you read my original post again you will see that i was far from being overly posititive.

    In fact you can actually see that where i was being positive it was in a fingers crossed/more hopeful way.

    The main point that i thought was be obvious to all
    (ie)that any other owners who were in a simailar situation to mine may be encouraged to chase up their representatives for updated information based on what my Solicitors/Tecnicil had told me.

    I was trying to be helpful/informative

    Its not that you even tried to argue or disagree any points, you just threw that comment at it as though what i wrote worthless shite that didn’t warrant anything more.

    Maybe thats why you got the response you did ?


    Hi All
    Over the weekend I emailed Iain,the last time I contacted him was early Febuary when he told me he would find out the answers to my questions and get back.Well he never got back,but this time he did.He told me he could fully understand my and others concerns and is aware of all the bad feelings.He promised to find the answers this week as he is meeting with the board and will put my questions directly to them.I must admit he sounded sincere.
    I will post any information I receive from him.
    As for Daniel,we have to remember Cape Verde is his homeland and probably he would like to be proud of it.
    So maybe he can be given a little latitude.What do you think?[B)]



    worwilly is nothing but a troublemaker.

    he doesn’t understand what any of us have gone through or are going through.
    we all have significant money, hopes and dreams invested.
    his comments are purely out of bitter self interest.
    he belittles our hopes and rubbishes the evidence that things are progressing. his belittling is to discourage anyone from posting any positivity so that he has the stage to himself (and anyone who agrees with him.)

    his comments are unhelpful and reckless. he seems constantly willing to devalue (by pouring scorn on) property in cape verde and thereby all of our investments.
    he constantly criticises developers, developments, agents, airlines and authorities but there is no point to his attacks. he isn’t changing anyone’s behaviour.

    nearly all the property problems in cv have been due to the credit crunch and have been echoed all around the world from las vegas to dubai on a much larger scale and in much more developed countries than.

    worwilly ignores that it was the credit crunch that caused the problems and ignores the countries where property problems have been on a much larger scale. instead he devotes his life to criticising all things cv (apart from his beloved rui).

    he also ignores the fact that every financial and property bust in history has been followed by financial and property booms.

    well said daniel!


    Rich, if you look at your posting it has been edited, you originally wrote, A NEW WAVE OF COMPLETIONS !!!

    I replied saying “has there been a wave of completions ?” as looking back through all the promises of completion and then being cancelled, I replied “it looks more like a drip of completions”.


    Even you said your original snagging was Aug 09, How’s it taken so long to complete thats all I’m saying, as everyone now lives on the thought of VV looking good, it does, but it looked good last year too.

    Lets face it, there’s some on here only to keep you happy, keep you hanging onto every word Tecnicil tell you, and anyone who tells you as it is, gets put down or tries too, I wonder why ?

    Granted some are happy to be led on by developers and they believe everything they get told, but even they are wearing thin now. The majority see Tecnicil for what they are, and now look at CV in a different light.

    Telling people CV is on the up and developments are getting there, cheaper flights are on their way, Solicitors are getting better, the legal system is great and protects investors only causes more damage to the country, even if it is your own country, wake up and smell the coffee Daniel !

    Take OTU, the clown, don’t rock the boat it will affect me, I’m sticking with my investment, but hey I’d sell tomorrow if I could.

    Whats this all about Daniel, is it the fact I encouraged investors to e-mail Homes from HELL ?, will it put a different light on CV ?

    It should as what’s gone on over there needs to be brought to light, in some cases, it’s criminal, theft of people’s money. A Law less Society, where a back hander seems to work better than an arbitration hearing ! Solicitors are helpless, have you ever !

    Everyone must be thinking what will happen when Arbitration hearing do finally get there, as NDR are close, with A&M right behind them. Since now Tecnicil have no money, Of course that’s just 1 developer, how many others are up to their neck in debt ?

    But hey, let’s not talk about it, it’s not good.


    Firstly, sorry for not responding earlier to your first post on here Rich, been reading only recently.

    Yes, am also on Atriplex, was invited to do initial snag in March 09, but eventually was able to see an almost finished apartment in September 2009, snagging rectifications took 4 months to sort, as Tecnicil did not act on minor faults for some reason. Despite what the contract stated, they also tried to finish the compensation in September, but I eventually got what I was due after numerous emails and I completed in early May.

    At completion, I was asked for a shortfall in funds by Tecnicil as their accounts department had done their calculations wrong, I did however put them right. I was also asked for a shortfall on my furniture payment, I again put them right and called them and faxed proof that I’d paid in full. Since then (early May) I have been asking for confirmation that they accept that I have paid for my furniture in full and when it might be installed, bearing in mind it was fully paid for in September 09. Numerous emails later, still no reply, but to be honest, I’ve really lost interest in the whole thing!

    I have been fairly active in dealing with many matters relating to Vila Verde, but 18 months of constant emails, fighting for what is right, and hearing similar tales from many other buyers has left me not at all excited nor interested in my purchase any longer. I have no desire to holiday there at present, though I hope that once things settle down and I take my first trip to my apartment whenever that might be, I might start to be a little more enthusiastic about things.

    My story, I know is similar to many others who have bought on Vila Verde from Tecnicil. Emails not responded to (and I’ve had more joy than most), promises made and not kept, dealing with a developer who don’t recognise their own contract, have total disregard for customer service, I could go on! The whole buying experience on Vila Verde has been a complete nightmare for many, worse than I have experienced anywhere else.

    People bought there with the promise of a dream home within a given time frame, or a way out via the contract if this was not met by the developer. You can give all of the reasons you like why Tecnicil have not refunded money, but the fact is some (not all) would have entered that contract based on the assurances within it.

    To be fair to Tecnicil, they are delivering the product, it does look good, so for those who have completed and are still planning to, despite the nightmares that I have explained, they are in a better position than some who have bought on other developments who may have similar problems, or worse still, have a developer who has not built and has run off with the money!!

    So is it any surprise that there is not a bit of negativity around when people are contributing to a Cape Verde forum, most as buyers?

    Daniel has a vested interest in talking up Cape Verde. Others wish to do so, as they have invested there, and wish to remain positive themselves and try to talk the place up. Nothing wrong with that, but there are 2 sides to the CV story and each side, positive and negative, appears intent on trying to convince the other that there is only their side of things. It’s almost like fanatical religious groups, the truth is there are positives and negatives.

    Take the talk on here on the euro rate, when most people bought it was 1.5 to the pound. Recently we’ve been talking of 1.05 – 1.23, still way below what people did their sums on and enough of a problem to mean some can’t complete purchases, along with lack of credit of course. I don’t even need to look at the posts on that thread these days to know which way the rate is going. Just over 2 weeks ago, a post every day as it went to the giddy heights of 1.23/1.24, since then a slide back to 1.19 and no news. Next time there will be a post on there it will be back at 1.23/1.24 and on a months high, or 2 month high! Positive and negative spin can be put on anything. A year or so ago, I talked of property prices increasing then slipping back again, I expect between now and Xmas that will be the case, but 2010, should see little change overall I imagine.

    Cape Verde has attributes that will mean, in time it will recover, the disance from Europe/UK, all year round weather, good beaches and sea etc. But it’s no Caribbean or Indian Ocean, so let’s just hope that it becomes the best that it can be, given what it already has and what it may be further blessed with.

    There’s no point in singling CV out as ‘special’ by putting it above everywhere else, just because you happen to have bought there. I own in Spain, when I read ‘I’m glad I didn’t invest in Spain…..’, I have to say, I’m glad I did invest in Spain, the properties in general there have lost far less than many have in CV. Personally my Spanish property will always be my number 1 spot, CV was just an add on to my portfolio for a week or two of winter sun. I hope that when this nightmare of a purchase is sorted and Vila Verde is a fully functioning resort, I may start to remind myself as others hopefully will too, of why we initially bought there and start to enjoy our holiday homes and the many delights that no doubt Cape Verde has to offer.

    Rant (ish) over.



    Your negative experiences are real.

    I would like to add that had you bought in other mkts such as las Vegas, Florida, Dubai, Spain, Bulgaria at the same time it is likely that you would have had even worse experiences.
    Your purchase in Spain did not straddle a severe credit crunch and recession.
    Your purchase in cv was in a high risk, fledgling Market and never likely to be completely smooth.

    You have compounded your own bad experience with the developer by taking on the troubles of lazy fellow investors and by, IMO, asking too many questions in general.
    Management, IMO, should have concentrated on the build and not moneyback, furniture, rent etc.
    Management have also had to waste time defending themselves against the conspiracy issues and had the misfortune to associate themselves with a rotten agent.
    And they have been hamstrung with an awfully slow completion process.

    It is so easy to criticise, but what have any of us done in the time that tecnicil has delivered this quality development which has given employment, will give further employment and revenue to cv and will give enjoyment to all those who stay there?



    You’re probably right, the general problems could have happened wherever I would or could have bought.

    As for asking too many questions, not sure. I saw too many attempts by Tecnicil to stray away from the original contract and what was promised, so sought to ensure that myself and other buyers got as close to what we signed up for as possible. I don’t regret that as the long term outcome is better, but the time and effort involved in dealing with Tecnicil as said, has slightly soured the whole thing.

    The people involved at Tecnicil in corresponding with clients are not hands on construction people, so I doubt that what they have had to deal with has slowed down the build process. That said, I don’t suppose they expected to have to deal with the amount of queries, that they have had to. This is due to agents letting them down, but also a delayed build and in no doubt bad management.

    In my opinion, Tecnicil should have shifted some more attention to customer service and been a little more proactive than reactive (which they don’t even manage either!). As someone who has seen his purchase through, paid everything when due, how difficult would it have been on completion for Tecnicil to say congratulations, you’ve now completed, we will ensure as you’ve paid for your furniture that we will have it installed as soon as possible, in order that you can use your new holiday home, we will advise you when this is possible. These very small things would have made a difference to many buyers opinion of Tecnicil, instead, most are met with a wall of silence and broken promises.

    I’m grateful that Tecnicil have delivered a first class product, don’t get me wrong. But it will take a long time for many to forget this bad buying experience, I also sympathise with those on other developments in a worse situation, as CV and it’s legal system are also pretty shocking.

    As a fellow buyer ontoyou, maybe one day, I will be able to share with you some of the horrendous stories of other buyers that don’t make these forums. You see it as buyers who are lazy and not inclined to deal with problems themselves. As someone who is a little more experienced in these matters and able to put a point across well in words (IMO), I understand now, more than ever that, we each have our strenghths and weaknesses.

    Hi WW

    I believe my original post was edited because i accidently placed it on the Djadsal owners forum.(too preoccupied with a world cup game)

    I immediately followed it up with an opology explaining my mistake and where i meant to place it.

    This was then done, therefore maybe leading you to believe that something untoward had taken place ?


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