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    Anyow get any moneyback from Tecncil yet,as stated in the contact?
    Im still Waiting nearly 2 year’s, I wouldn’t have bought there knowing what I know now.
    And ending up with a 40k mortgage,and nothing to show for it.

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    There is no such thing as money back from Tecnicil, they are all but bankrupt and are in the hands of the bank. The arbitration result was an unexpected outcome, but when lawyers like A&M could not get the technicalities of the claim right and lost because of this its no wonder Tecnicil don’t give money back as there are too many connected people on CV to get a rational and fair out come . Go to and see what this group are up to


    And in comes the tourism tax, and not to mention the theft of owners rental income. And now they’re refusing to hand some owners their keys back due to them having long term tenants in. Wait until next year when Tecnicil Imo no longer have any properties to rent out as all of the owners will be out of the rental pool 😀 😀 😀

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