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    I was looking at the same thing but am debating between Ponta and Sambala.

    Sambala seems to be more advanced and nearer completion of the first phase. Ponta looks to have a more village atmosphere but not sure when the first phase will be ready.

    Reading other forums it seams that all the site are running at least a year behind schedule.

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    Not yet a property owner but seriously interested.

    Most of you here seem to have gone for the Hotel option – as I may want to spend serious amounts of time here one day, and as far as I can see you cannot convert the Hotel option to Residential (is that right??), then I need to look at the Residential option initially. But I may want to rent for the first few years, and from time-to-time after that. The hotel say they will manage such rental properties but clearly they will fill those with rental guarantees first. Does anyone have any idea what the rental market might be like for me in this situation? I’m looking at Cor di Mar, by the way – probably a 2-bed so that I can lock one bedroom with my stuff in it whilst not there.

    Also – may be a silly question here as most owners are likely to want to talk the place up now they have invested – but is there any reason now, with the economic downturn, etc, why I shouldn’t be buying? What guarantee is there that the promised facilities that make it attractive as a place to live (diving, art school, cookery classes, etc) will materialise if sales slow down?




    Hey Louise & gang

    It’s been at least five months since my last words here. Is there a way to post pictures? I have a movie and more than 140 pics from Bicuda.

    Louise, i started with a hotel property (tiara tedju) but i had a similar problem. I want to spend more time there so i bought another property, a casa moderna. I went there five times already, the last one in late July and i am impressed with the pace of change. I’ve invested in the second a couple of months ago and i am happy and comfy with my decision. They have the agreement with the tiara hotels and that downtown area is in the middle of the tiara cor di mare – there’s no way to escape. Obviously i am committed and i care with my investment, but i’ve also stayed in the tiara chantilly and i’ve experienced th quality of everything from the hermes soups to the food.
    The best piece of advice i can give you is: go there before you buy and you’ll understand why i bought two and i am not paying cash!


    HI andrew- if you can’t find out from Daniel how to post pics are you able to email them to me ?

    I have a cliff top apartment in Tedju and would like to see how things are going

    Sunny Sussex goes south


    hi slimjim, i can’t find a way to post it here. if you send your email address i can send it to you, or i can look in flink (kids use it a lot, i think this is the right name). i’ve walked in that first row of yours and the sea views are something! Upper or lower level? Upper has the amazing cathedral roof, lower has the pool in the front! Hard choice! i’ve discussed it with élder ribiero and i don’t thnk there is a consensus in which one is the better.

    hi Andrew
    could you email them to me at posting of emails not allowed – please send the pictures by email to the forum admin, so they can be posted here in this topic. Thanks.

    also could you post on here the first few letter of your email address so that i know its you before i open any mail

    many thanks for taking time out for this


    Sunny Sussex goes south


    what do you mean with “bought two and i am not paying cash!”



    Hi everyone
    Just back from Ponta on Monday and I was very impressed. Lots of progress and lots on workers and equipment. They are still in excavation phase and they are blasting everyday at the moment. however, the ground supporting tedju is progressing fast. I have bought in the middle level and the views are truely spectacular. I will send piccies to those who have given email addresses. Anyone else wants them then post your email address. Mine is ****************

    posting of emails not allowed – please send the pictures by email to the forum admin, so they can be posted here in this topic. Thanks.

    I stayed on Sal and spent the day on in Praia with helder. He is a great guy and you should definitely get out there if you are seriously interested.
    Cheers for now

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