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    I just read the latest at

    Does Grepne really think he can get away with this. If he got money from the sale of coast and hotel land he should pay back investors with it. But who are these mug buyers rumoured to be from China? Do they know the core resort of the Village, Vivendas and Fogos is frozen by an arresto? How will they get that lifted in a hurry.

    Grepne has the cheek to demand investors to waive all rights to sue him and McGlynn as directors and shareholders. But why shareholders? They are not usually liable for a company’s debts. Seems obvious to me that Grepne is having to keep an interest as a shareholder instead of receiving full money until the Chinese mug knows the arresto has been sorted out. When it is then Grepne will cash in.

    So any investor committing more stage payments to the new Chinese owner better beware that they have no chance of getting deeds to any finished properties until that arresto is gone.

    UNBELIEVABLE as usual. This is all kicking off again. Lets make sure we hit social media with this. Chocs away!!!

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    all these forums are dead now no one gives a toss now about cape verde as a holiday place it will take another 30 years for the stigma to erode

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