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    Gigi, Its been a while since i was there but even then the restuarants and bars all took euros, the more modern shops should be ok with cards but the smaller shops would be fine in euros. Tipping as anywhere a mine field . In the travel field i think its always expected.

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    What is the best payment method when in CV? for instance in bars or shops? Is mastercard accepted everywhere? Euros? How easy is it to get local currency?
    Also if anybody has any advice on tipping would be very useful!


    plenty of cashpoints for withdrawing cash but as far as I’m aware it needs to be Visa and not Mastercard. I always used to have trouble with Mastercard – which basically meant going into the bank and withdrawing cash via over the counter having queued for 15 mins. A Visa debit card from a current account works just fine though.

    Last point – it’s worth letting your bank know you’re going to be in CV first in case their zealous security blocks transactions. That can prove to be a real pain in the backside

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