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    I have just received the e-mail below from **** ****** who is an investor on the Ponta Preta development next to Cabonuba. Apparently this hotel group want to build there but also require the Cabonuba site. Does anyone know anything about this? As far as I am concerned, if they sell the land to another builder, the bank will have first charge on any monies received:
    She has been speaking to Magic at length for the past few days, bullet points are:
    > . They are working on a proposal for the bank
    > . They have received the figures from Rosemary ( who is owed what)
    > . They have received the minutes and agreed points from our meeting
    > . They have not received a formal offer from the bank so 7m loan offer was just talk
    > . They will now spend 2 months crunching numbers, talking further with banks etc
    > . At the end of 2 months they will make a proposal or not proceed further
    > . They are talking to 2 banks
    > . They will be putting up half of the €65m, the rest will be bank loans
    > Rosemary said that here are no other interested parties at present, that they are keen to do this deal but that Barcelo will also require the Cabonuba plot behind us, she asks that somebody could post on Cabo verde24 website asking that anybody who has a contract contacts them so she can represent them.. This will help us in the completion of a deal.

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    HI Dave

    Yes, this is a genuine deal and i have contacted NDR, my lawyer in Spain and everyone I have emails for today.

    If there are ANY other Cabonuba investors out there, please contact me URGENTLY at for further info.

    Fingers crossed for us all!!!


    Hi, the deal is genuine. Checked it out with my solicitor in Spain. Would all Cabonuba investors act now, please, and contact ChrissieA. This is an urgent matter. The deal is time sensitive. Please act now.
    Good luck to us all.

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