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    Hi all,

    Hi Zak,

    You can get a Sim at a number of outlets, but i suppose the hut/booth on the main square in Santa Maria is an obvious one to seek out.

    If you need to top up your Sim, make sure your phone acknowledges this transaction before you leave the presence of the person your using.

    Switch off any phones with UK contacts, as group texts/calls from some that may not know/forgotten you have gone away etc will be 100% charged to your phone.

    I found out via £1.300 phone bill for my recent 2 weeks.

    Apart from local calls on your local Sim USE SKYPE to contact home. IT’S FREE and better.

    If this is not possible arrange to phone a UK landline at pre-arranged times via the bar phone deals that outlets offer (ie) The Turtle shack etc as it’s about half the price.

    You can get free internet access at a number of venues but the one i was generally using was the Turtle Shack.

    Hope this is helpful n have a great time.


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    Off to Sal next week and will need to use my phone. Any suggestions for the best sim to get to put in my iphone (standard size sim). Is there anywhere in Santa Maria that sells them cheaper than I’d get one of the internet?


    The best way I have found to deal with local calls is to take an unlocked phone to CVTelecom office (by Morabeza, you can’t miss it). It has to be charged and you need your passport, for €2 you get a number similar to Pay as You Go at home which you can top up, and gives you a Sal phone number which is really useful for deliveries and contacting solicitors.

    I phoned home to my daughter’s house and chatted for over half an hour for 0.14p per minute using Skype on Christmas Day for a few pence. You need to have a Skype account and put some credit on it. I have used it from here to phone Manuel’s office and chatted for ages for very little-really worth it! Equipment required: a net book for travel and a computer at home with microphone (either internal or external), if the computer/netbook has a camera you can use video for free computer to computer for either voice or video but the sound quality can be a bit dodgy depending on the connection.

    Don’t use iPhone, cost you a fortune and you won’t be able to put another SIM in it as it’s “locked”.



    Local Sims are obviously cheaper than UK ones. Texts are 0.45cve and calls I am not sure but you speak for a couple of minutes (local) and maybe spend CVE50. To see how much credit you have left after each call dial *#123# call. To top up 1882 followed by voucher number(you (you wont understand what to do with top up voucher). I spend about £10 on top ups every few days – it’s not cheap . If I take my UK phone on roaming it £2.50 to make and receive calls and 45p for a 160 character text

    peter c

    I have Skype app on my iPhone, I hope that works whilst out there. I also bought cheap unlocked mobile via eBay so that I can buy sim as per Alysons suggestion.


    Make sure you turn Data Roaming off and with VV WiFi it should work fine, I take my netbook because I find the iPhone annoying for emails. Jair is certainly more approachable, that’s for sure.


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