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    Hi everyone, going to riu garopa in november on honeymoon and taking a (will be) 13 month old baby. Never took her much further then the town we live in! Need advice for what she needs, do I have to bring it or will I be able to buy there and how big a suitcase she needs for all of it?! New mum and first time travelling with a baby so super nervous!

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    the rui is really nice and so is cape verde
    but limited resources so take everything you think you will need with you very very limited shops on the island
    weather normally great so fill your case with baby gear



    Hi emmacw,

    I’d advice you not to travel to Cape Verde with such a young baby.
    Although the chosen Hotel is all right, if something happens to a baby from Europe, you don’t have the same provision in medical treatment as at home.
    Diarrhoea is common and it can threaten a baby fatal because of dehydration. ❗

    So, its up to you (and it is your responsibility!) to decide, to endanger your baby because of sun, holiday and fun for yourself. 😕
    A baby doesn’t bother, where he/she spends the holiday. Best place in this age is at home! 8)


    Hello Emma!! I would like to know how the trip went with your baby!! I´m planning to go there with my 6 months twins and to be honest I don’t know nothing about cape verde.. any information would help me in my decision.. thanks

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