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Thursday 17.10.2019


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All of our travel services such as Group Travel, Individual Hiking Trips, Individual Tours, customized trips, as well as Domestic Flights and Accommodations are conducted by the agencies that we have selected (according to our strict criteria). As soon as you send an inquiry, the agency that we have chosen will contact you directly (usually within a max. of 24 hours on business days).

Above all, the following mandatory quality characteristics are important to us in the selection:

* As much experience as possible (min. of 5-10 years) in the travel sector on Cape Verde

* Speak English, Portuguese and German

* Present on all of the islands, highly reliable and accessible

* Effective and fast customer service

* Information updated at the least annually and constantly revised offers

* And, of course, attractive prices – you will receive local prices or even walk-in prices for accommodations!


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* Alexandra Wind (attorney, freelance journalist)

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* Markus Andel

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