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Wednesday 18.09.2019


Emigrate to Cape Verde

Emigrate to Cape Verde ?

Emigrate to Cape Verde ?

Let’s be honest: Most of us have asked ourselves after a relaxing vacation whether we should just leave behind the daily routine in #Europe# for a better life in the newly found “paradise.” No more urgent meetings and conference calls. Simply immersing yourself in a different world that is free of the neo-capitalistic hectic pace, the related noise and every type of pretentious pressure to spend money. And all of this at 28°C under palm trees in the shade of bright sunshine – wouldn’t that be nice!

The following lines may rob you of this beautiful illusion. If you just occasionally think about emigrating, it’s no problem if you skip the next section. But those of you who are practically “sitting on packed suitcases” should continue reading because you could be spared of a rude awakening. All of Cape Verde’s disadvantages are obviously accompanied by its advantages, which you can find on the remaining 80 pages of this website. This section is exclusively devoted to the pitfalls of daily life on the islands!

What appears to be relaxed and stress-free during a holiday can turn to its extreme opposite in everyday life – even on the Cape Verdean archipelago. If you believe that you can escape European stubbornness or pedantry by becoming a resident of Cape Verde, think again. You also should not consider the archipelago as the right place for the opponents of bureaucracy who want to enjoy a simple approach by the authorities.

In the following, we would like to share some anecdotes that will actually open up an unexpected new world for some of the determined emigrants among you.

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