Time zone / special notes

cape verde time zone
Cape Verde time zone

Time and other peculiarities

You could say that the clocks tick differently on Cape Verde. As a matter of fact, the archipelago is 2 hours behind Central European Time and even 3 hours during daylight saving time.

This fact can actually be applied nicely to other situations: Cape Verde is a relaxed country, so you shouldn’t make a fuss when fruit seller has a little conversation with his pretty cashier before packing your things! If you’re not sure what to do, observe and learn from the Cape Verdean charm! You also shouldn’t get mad if a Cape Verdean arrives a little late to a meeting, which could easily mean up to an hour in some cases. Don’t misconstrue this as being impolite because a small time delay is very common on the islands and people plan for it.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is the basis of our advice when it comes to some do’s and don’ts on Cape Verde.

Nude bathing is not acceptable and women should not expose their breasts in order to avoid local displeasure. Larger hotels with predominately European guests are the only exception where topless bathing is tolerated.

You should tip about 10% of the bill.