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    Hi Tony

    Could you please send details of the apartment.
    My email address is a128saab@hotmail.com



    Hi Daniel

    Merry Christmas and wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous & Peaceful New Year.

    Ps I am enjoying the wonderful weather in Sal , I have some nice photos ! should I post on ecaboverde.com, or do you have a photo page ?



    China increases financial aid to Cape Verde

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao announced an increase in the country’s financial aid to Cape Verde, which is to total US$ 21 million, during a meeting with Cape Verdean Prime Minister José Maria Neves Wednesday. The aid will be channeled into new development programs to be identified during the next meeting of the two countries’ mixed commission, the date of which will be announced shortly.

    The meeting between José Maria Neves and Wen Jiabao in Beijing could not have been better, with both leaders affirming their firm intention to strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation even more and to increase trade between China and Cape Verde.

    To reiforce the sincerity of his country’s intentions, the Chinese premier announced a financial package to support new development programs in Cape Verde. US$ 8.5 million of the US$ 21 million package consists of donations, while the remaining US$ 12.5 million will come in the form of interest-free loans. The programs to be financed through the package are expected to be decided upon during the next meeting of the China-Cape Verde Mixed Commission, the date of which is expected to be announced shortly, according to José Maria Neves.

    Several of Cape Verde’s proposals will be assessed for possible approval by the Chinese government, especially in the area of infrastructures, but also in sectors such as tourism, air transportation, the maritime economy, information technology, energy and higher education. Speaking at the meeting, Cape Verde’s Prime Minister highlighted some of the priorities of cooperation for the country, namely the São Vicente deep-water port and fishing logistics center and the transformation of shipyard Cabnave into a support base for international shipping fleets, including that of China, as well as the privatization of TACV Cabo Verde Airlines and water and electricity utility Electra.

    The meeting was also used to evaluate what has been achieved so far within the scope of the partnership between the two countries. The balance has, on the whole, been extremely positive, and served as an opportunity to open up new paths in terms of cooperation.

    Since Cape Verde’s independence, the People’s Republic of China has been one of the country’s main partners in development, and various large-scale projects have been concluded with financing from the Chinese government.


    Have a great day



    Great news, good photo.



    Sterling Euro currently trading at 1.1650

    Rang from last post:
    High 1.1740 ( Wednesday 30th Nov 11 )
    Low 1.1605 ( Monday 28th Nov 11 )

    Today at 13:30 we have some US employment / US unemployment data. This US data could impact the Sterling Euro price..

    However more importantly ….. Next Friday ( 9th Dec 11 ) is the start of the EU summit. ( Euro Zone debt crisis )

    The results from the above might ? generate significant price movements in the currency markets, especially in the Euro Vs US$ … this possible movement might also impact the Sterling Euro exchange rate..

    Merry Christmas and have a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful New Year..


    Sterling Euro currently trading at 1.1695

    Range from last post:
    High 1.1785 !!! ( 10th Nov 11 )
    Low 1.1535 !!! ( 22nd Nov 11 )

    Over the last 3 days the US$ has been bid / stronger against both Sterling and against the Euro, this US$ strength is partly due to “protection buying” of US$ starting last Wednesday, ahead of the USA Holiday ( Thursday 24th Nov was Thanksgiving ) and would expect US$ to remain bid / strong until Monday or early Tuesday, as many take a USA extended holiday.

    Sterling is lower / weaker against the broadly stronger US$ ( some might ? say sterling a little too weak )

    Euro also remains softer / weaker due to the Euro Zone problems with Italy looking very shaky at this moment in time.

    Maybe ?? Monday / early morning Tuesday we might ? see the US$ sold / weaker against both Sterling & Euros, perhaps ?? we might witness a slightly stronger Sterling against the US$ and ALSO against the Euro !!


    Euro hits an 8 month low Vs Sterling .. a combination of a weaker Euro and a stronger Sterling

    Sterling Euro currently trading at 1.1740 ( last at this price level 3rd March 11 )

    Todays range:
    High 1.1740
    Low & Open 1.1630

    Range from last post
    High 1.1740 ( today 9th Nov 11 )
    Low 1.1545 ( 4th Nov 11 )

    Sterling slightly weaker against the US$ after poor UK trade balance figures / data, however sterling IS stronger against many other currencies !!
    Sterling appears a safer alternative ( at this moment in time ) than other currencies / countries.

    Euro weaker against the US$ on the increasing fears of an amplified Euro Zone debt crisis. ( Italy, Spain )

    We might ? see a further cut in the Euro interest rate in the near future..

    Todays range:
    High 1.1740
    Low 1.1630

    Range from last post
    High 1.1740 ( today 9th Nov 11 )
    Low 1.1545 ( 4th Nov 11 )

    Sterling Euro:

    Upside levels of importance 1.1850 & 1.2000

    Downside levels of importance 1.1700 &1.1550


    Today the ECB ( European Central Bank ) cut it’s interest rate by .25% ( from 1.50% to 1.25% )
    Euro softer / weaker against many currencies,,, Sterling gains Vs the Euro
    TODAYS range
    High 1.1675
    Low 1.1575
    Last 1.1600


    Sterling Euro currently trading at 1.1450

    Range from last post:

    High 1.1710 ( 4th October )
    Low 1.1365 ( 17th October )

    Balance of the week, various economic data that could impact the Sterling Euro cross rate.

    UK retail sales ( just released 9:30am ) slightly better than expected.( sterling makes gains Vs US$ & small gain Vs Euro )
    US employment data / Jobless claims 13:30pm
    EZ EuroZone Consumer Confidence 15:00 pm
    US Home Sales 15:00 pm

    This Friday
    German IFO business climate / conditions survey 9:00am
    UK Public Sector Net Borrowing ( PSNB ) 9:30am
    US Consumer Price Index ( CPI ) 12:00 noon
    US Economic Cycle Research Institute ( ECRI ) index 15:30pm

    This Weekend we have the EU Summit !!! , looking for some final ?? solution to solve the Euro Zone debt crisis!!!

    Should the EU summit & plan be successful, we might ? see the euro bought / stronger against the US$,,,, Sterling might also become bought / “slightly” stronger against the US$ but Sterling could slip / weaken against the Euro ( Sterling Euro cross rate )

    Of course should the EU summit / plan to solve the EU debt crisis raise just the “slightest whiff of doubt” , we might ? see the Euro sold / weaker against the US$… Sterling might also be sold Vs the US$, however Sterling might ? make some gains against the Sterling Euro cross rate.

    We might ?? see some volatile moves on the Sterling Euro cross rate from Friday afternoon to Monday morning..


    Euro tumbles Vs US$ on worries over a Greek debt default….

    Sterling Euro currently trading at 1.1675

    Sterling Euro range from last post:

    High 1.1715 ( 12th Sep 11 )

    Low 1.1365 ( 21st Sep 11 )

    US$ / Sterling currently trading at 1.5455
    US$ stronger against sterling on US manufacturing data and construction spending data..

    Euro falls to a 8 ½ month low Vs the US$ on the concerns of a possible Greek debt default PLUS the added “slightly better than expected” US manufacturing and construction data……..

    Euro / $ currently trading at 1.3240 ( against the US$ ) …the last time the Euro was at this price level was on the 17th Jan 11…


    Sterling Euro currently trading at 1.1550

    US $ is very very well bid / stronger against many currencies including the Euro and also against Sterling,

    Sterling falls to a 2 month low against the US$ …….. currently trading at 1.5900

    Sterling Vs US$ 2 month range:

    High 1.6615 19th Aug to a low of 1.5900 ……..12th July and TODAY….

    Euro Vs US$ far weaker and at a 6 month low AGAINST the US$ …….. Currently trading at 1.3785

    Euro US$ 6 month range:
    High 1.4930 to a low of 1.3785 ……11th March and TODAY

    Euro debt & euro growth problems have produced LARGE Euro selling / US$ buying into the market.

    Sterling is also being sold against the US$ however the volume is on the Euro Vs US$ therefore sterling benefits on the Sterling Euro “cross rate”…..

    Global ? ( US, UK and EU ) uncertainty is producing protection US$ buying against most currencies ahead of the G7 meeting…


    Sterling Euro currently trading at 1.1475

    Todays range:
    High & last 1.1475
    Open and Low 1.1310

    Range from last post
    High 1.1598 ( 19h August 11 )
    Low 1.1252 ( 31st August 11

    Comments from European Central Bank ( ECB ) president Trichet on lower projections for Eurozone growth for years 2011 and 2012 pushed the euro softer / weaker against the US$ and Sterling.

    Possibility ? of Euro interest rate cut in the near future…

    Sterling Euro, Upside price levels of importance 1.1550

    Sterling Euro, Downside levels of importance / concern : 1.1300


    Sterling Euro currently trading at 1.1375

    Range from last post:

    High 1.1568 ( 5th Aug 11 )
    Low 1.1250 ( 10th Aug 11 )

    Euro far far stronger Vs US$…….. US$ a little weaker Vs sterling ( Not Sterling strength ) ………therefore Sterling suffers on the Sterling Euro cross rate……

    Euro far stronger Vs US$ on expectations ??? of a positive outcome of tomorrows meeting between France ( Sarkozy ) and Germany ( Merkel ) regarding the Euro debt crisis.

    Very poor US Manufacturing data released today push the US$ to a 3 week low Vs the Euro, US$ slightly weaker against sterling and other currencies.

    Lots of UK Data this week, all due at 9:30 am
    16th CPI & RPI
    17th BoE Monetary Policy Committee minutes, average earnings and unemployment,
    18th Retail sales
    19th PSNCR – Public Sector Net Cash Requirement

    The outcome of the UK data might impact Sterling Vs Euro and Sterling Vs US$


    Sterling Euro currently trading at 1.1500

    Range from last post:
    High 1.1502 ( today 3rd Aug 11 )
    Low 1.1250 ( 26th Jul 11 )

    Ongoing concern over financial stability of Italy, Spain and Cyprus to some extent is helping to keep the Euro softer / weaker against Sterling and also the US $.
    US economy is slow to respond and expand thus the US$ is also weaker against many currencies

    An assortment of economic data due that might impact the Sterling Euro “cross rate”

    RICS ( Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ) UK Housing Market Survey
    Halifax house price index
    German Industrial Orders
    UK BoE – Bank of England base rate decision ( expected to remain unchanged )
    EU ECB – European Central Bank base rate decision ( expected to remain unchanged )
    UK PPI

    More importantly !! the USA Jobless / unemployment / employment data might ? generate some rather volatile movements.

    The US data !!! is due this Thursday and Friday at 13:30 pm !!


    Euro Vs US$ far weaker on this morning, sterling gains..

    Sterling Euro currently trading at 1.1410

    Range from last post:

    High 1.1615 ( 26th May 2011 )

    Low 1.1005 ( 1st Jul 11 )

    Due to the ongoing problems in Europe the euro( EuroVs US$ ) is weaker against many currencies

    Today the Euro breaks 1.4000 against the US$ and very quickly trading down to 1.3920 ( against the US$ )
    Sterling also softer / weaker against the US$, however sterling makes quite good gains against the Euro ( Cross Rate )

    Various economic data due this week but we also have the European Bank Stress Test results due this Friday 15th July 11.( we might ? expect similar results from the last EU bank stress test !! )

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