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    Absolutely Incredible…..I have been away for a week and come back to all this regurgitated unfounded nonsense from the Dirty Dozen. Do something more constructive and get facts to your chundering and then make everyone happy. Talking of happy, its the Royal Wedding tomorrow, any chance of you clowns celebrating the day by giving us 24 hours off from your reptitive self opinionated garbage. KK…I thought you had sold out and bought a castle, and were going to retire from postings and enjoy life with your other half….yet you have just set up 3 new threads…very strange

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    On reading back there is a hell of a lot of very unhappy people (just about everyone) seeking legal help with money back and compensation claims! I thought I’d bring this up as I though there were only 12! Where have they all gone?

    Negotiations started with the CV Government in 2003, through to when planning was sought in 2004. Planning was consented for a Tourist Hotel resort; that attracted all the TAX breaks! However, Sambala decided to build a Residential Village; that they knew would not comply with legislation governing TAX breaks. This is Clear in Grepnes letter, and the planning consent from the CV Government Department! This in affect made the Village Development liable for all Taxes Due. Reading it, you will see the Hotel was to be built FIRST. Sambala now say the Government have changed their mind and gone against an agreement they had. However Sambala refuse to show this agreement that shows the residential development has been granted TAX EXEMPT.

    This is yet another clear Example of the under handed tactics used by Sambala!

    Legal Action in Cape Verde is expensive, therefore, try putting the boot on the other foot and through your Solicitor, demand the compensation be deducted from your final payment!

    Investors are due this compensation and any Court in CV would see this. However getting to Court is a NO GO for various reasons at the moment with some still waiting 3 years on! Investors should speak to their Solicitor about this issue; forwarding those documents, and asking that they write to Sambala stating that the compensation be taken from their Final Payment. (all documents are available on the AAG website,)

    Your Owed this money for the delays you have had to endure, and for some who have been paying a mortgage yet still without a property to show for it.

    Do Sambala Care about anyone but themselves?


    Hi Crazydude or should we call you the cut and paste King,

    KK, thanks again for the information. After all the delays it’s some thing worth looking into.




    Dom I thought you was on holiday!



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