Would you Adam and Eve it?

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    stan dupp

    A previous Finance Director at Sambala is Finance Director for the Legal Ombudsman. Oh the irony


    There are a number of people around the web who list Sambala as an achievement and their CVs still have the same guff and BS, straight from Grepne’s masterplans. Perhaps we should ask this finance director just where the money went? Maybe he only lasted just over a year when he saw people getting hoodwinked with the furniture debacle or decieved with promises of imminent delivery and imminent ringfenced funding.

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    Sambala full of ironies, sold on being an ethical company when all they recycle is their lies and newsletters. 30 million turnover, yeah partridge 30 Million in 29,to BVI, and 1 to keep the peasants at bay. 1 year and bit in post, he must have a story or two for the boys in blue.

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