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    I’m in Sal at the moment, and am trying to sort out some stuff. The main thing I’m having a problem with is the issue of a will. I’m getting differing information and advice
    from our own solicitors who are asking for 700 Euros & notary (200Euros), but I’ve also been told of people who are in the legal profession in the UK
    who have purchased here who have just got a UK will, which can be had significantly cheaper.

    You would assume that if you were in the legal profession in the UK then you would know if it were necessary to have a CV will. Does anyone know if it is mandatory to have a seperate will in Cape Verde?

    Property tax.. now there’s another issue. You have to be here in person to pay it and cannot just use a direct debit to pay it. Does anyone know another way around this except from paying someone 200Euros to pay a 300Euro bill?

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