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    I am planning my vacation on Cape Verde this October ( haven’t booked yet). This would be my first time there and I have no foggiest idea which island to choose.Sal?Boa vista?
    I want to relax for two weeks, that is for sure. Can you recomend fine hotels on the island? What do you think of going to 2 island ( a week on each?) need some hints.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Angelina,
    all the islands have something differant to offer the most popular is SAL and as such has more facilities than some of the others, more hotels and resturants although you can still relax on sparsely populated beaches. Boa vista has the best beaches with two fairly new all inclusive hotels but not the same variety of resturants. With direct flights to both Islands easir to get to depending of course where you are situated.
    With regard to choice of hotels it really depends on your personal preferance but would recommend the Morabeza as its situated on the main beach you can also choose if you want to eat at the hotel or out,with all the resturants within walking distance in the main town Santa Maria.


    Thank you very much.

    But Morabeza is on Sal isn’t it?
    And I guess you recomend Sal?

    I would definitely want to visit few of those islands as I have read about their diversity.
    Relaxation I mean just probably laying down for few days ( as a tired corporate worker) and than going and seeing places , not necessarily discos. Nice restaurants with good food…
    Possibility of walking…Slow but nor borring life for two weeks

    If you still can recomend that would be great.
    I will be probably flying from Germany or Poland.



    The Morabeza is lovely, and it is possible to go to the other islands as a day trip or for a few days if you want to add some variety.




    From your reply regarding what you are looking for I would recommend the itinerary below:

    Day 1: UK to Sal (flight)approx 6 hours
    Day 1: Sal to Sao Vicente (flight) approx 50 minutes
    Day 1-4: 3 nights at 4* Hotel Porto Grande, Mindelo, Sao Vicente.
    Day 4: Sao Vicente to Santo Antao (ferry) approx 1 hour
    Day 4-8: 4 nights Pedracin Village (very remote) or Hotel Blue bell in Ponta do Sol, Santo Antao.
    Day 8: Santo Antao to Sao Vicente (ferry) approx 1 hour
    Day 8: Sao Vicente to Sal (flight) approx 50 minutes
    Day 8-15: 7 nights at 4* hotel morabeza, santa maria, sal.
    Day 15: Sal to UK (flight) approx 6 hours

    There are several different itineraries you could consider. The above gives you an idea.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


    Hello angelina,

    Although the itinerary above makes curious, I’d give you another advice for the first time on Cape Verde.

    I’d recommend you to visit 2 islands at the very most. The ralaxing factor is higher. 😉

    Sal and Boavista, as well as Maio are “sandy islands”, e.i. beautiful beaches, but not to much more.

    To visist e.g. Sal and Santiago, you can feel the difference between these interesting islands.

    To return to Sal after you will have again some days for enjoying the sandy beaches. 😀



    I agree with Ariminum, Sal plus another island is more than enough. Internal travel can be frustrating and with the amount of flights in the above you will come back with steam coming out of your ears and “Cabo Verde No Stress” will be swear words instead of being true.

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