Where now for the property market in CV ?

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    With so many properties on the market and little selling (according to sources) where is the CV proprty market going?

    Prices appear to have dropped from their original purchase prices … some cheaper than they were even approx 6 years ago.

    The great promise of a land of milk and honey does not appear to have materialised … what are others views on this, ESP those that have bought and are now looking to sell ?

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    Rumour has it distress sales are coming to an end. Vila Verde is the flagship for the island, if only they had a different management company.


    amazing….more and more buidings without people….
    the business is only good for hotels …..and bars

    the market is off …will be up if one day ryan air or easy jet will come but it s not the interet of local government , because has big interest in the business for the mom….
    CAP VERDE is africa …..and many things are unclear……whitout spoken corruption….


    last 2 weeks I was in melia tortuga and also looked at Villa Verde (as a possible investment). But it came apparent that this complex is far away from beeing realy used. The apartments are not used and from outside the buildings degedate very quickly. To my knowledge only 40 apartments are sold. So if the development depends on Villa Verde then I see no future ther, especially not for a reasonable investment.

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