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    OK guy’s I keep getting mails from overseas property investors. USA is said to be the best place at the moment to buy, Florida, I looked at !!!

    While on holiday we stayed in this area with a very similar property so I know the area and type of property. When the USA property boom was roaring, this 3 bed detached with pool double garage I’m sure you know the holiday let type. This was going for $250K now the same ones are going for $80-90K, seems too good to be true eh, better than that, they are let on a 6 monthly contract to locals who lost their homes with the crash, yes ironic really, so there’s an income from it. If you want it, you’re not tied to it.

    I’ve looked at all angles for a scam or you’ll end up paying more, or expenditure out strips income but can’t seem to find anything, so was wondering if anyone in here has any knowledge of this type of buy. Also it’s not through MRI or any other type, it’s a USA estate agent that you pay $200 “finders fee” 1 month later, no other costs !!!!

    Any ideas ?

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