Water in Djadsal

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    and the water it’s not the only problem there…

    one day…I`ll sign

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    Can anyone tell us about the water in Djadsal?
    We have heard that there is some major problems with the water.
    We have an apartment in block A, and we have contact to a couple who want to rent our apartment as soon as the water problems is solved.
    Does any of you have the same problem, that it is impossible to rent the apatment out? And what do you do about it?


    REMEMBER…Cape Verde is a 3rd World country. It is NOT Europe or US.
    BE REAL, Expect the Worst…

    NO MCdonald, Burger King, Dunking Donuts, Friendlys…No public bathroomm…A lot flies…roaches, bugs,

    Great Tips for living in Cape Verde:

    If a flie gets in your coffee, take it off and finish it. You won’t die…You’ll be seen by a capeverdian as a brave man!!

    Learn and be comfortable peeing on street…carry a toilet paper in your pocket wherever you go…

    Bring with you enough Deodorant, Spray, Perfumes, and why Not Condoms…?

    Advise from a friend! Good Luck.

    More Tips to come….

    tropical guy


    yeah,we have an apt in block a,not heard of the water problem,only that the boilers dont last long due to the water,but i was told the water was supplied by cabocan,who treat the water.


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