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    Nice photos, thanks for posting them. I see you’ve got air con, must chase mine up again!

    Tennis courts weren’t there a month ago, it’s comming together finally.

    I wonder if that’s a fountain pool in the main square – that’s what it looked like to me.

    Any idea if the ‘official’ opening of resort is still 14th/15th Feb?

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    Just returned and thought Id share some photos.

    Overall I was really impressed with Vila Verde and the whole west coast in general. Although its been a long time in the making I think Vila Verde will become a fantastic ‘new town’ complementing the traditional charm of the ‘old town’ Santa Maria, which was really buzzing during our stay.

    The apartment (Sedum) was finished very well and the general build quality was impressive. Although I grumbled at the cost of the furniture pack it was actually good quality and in reality worth the money. (although the patio furniture is still in transit!!)

    If like me you have been frustrated historically with the slow progress I think you will be happy with your investment. Sal is developing with Tortuga and Paradise Beach nearly complete. The pedestrian walkway along the front well underway and the whole place generally has a great feel to it.

    One word of caution – do check with Tecnicil that you are not in the rental pool (if you dont want to be). We have always rejected their proposal and were horrified to find out we were in the pool. We were lucky the place hadnt been rented out to staff and we had NDR confirm that it was a Tecnicil error and have now been ‘blocked’ out of the pool. But please do check.

    Although our second investment in Cotton Bay isnt looking so good I would definately still recommend CV and Vila Verde as a good mid/long term investment.




    I too have just returned.
    The furniture is good quality but not great for the money, however when viewed in a studio it looks great.
    The supermarket should be open anytime now, the main building is already built. Noticed the two tennis courts outside of Atriplex. They seemed to be flat out trying to finish the townhouses. The new restaurant looks really nice (externally all glass) but needs finishing off inside. Lots of planting going on. It’s probably going to take a couple of years before the tour ops come on board. Very impressed with what I saw and feel that VV is the best place to own a property on the island (only my opinion).



    Hi GP
    Thanks for taking the time to post / update and upload the photos.

    Only last week the Tennis Courts were a huge slab of concrete !…..
    Advantage Tecnicil ?

    Still no pool furniture ! ..

    Anyway, have you still got that large grin on your tanned face ? Tortuga is truly amazing, I love it !

    Hi Hod,

    Still got tanned face, but that was from getting sunburnt snowboarding in Italy last week, Xmas tan long gone in this weather!

    Tortuga is great and I think it will be good for holiday returns. I like VV equally though – they both have their plus points… VV is more of a holiday ‘home’ and that is after all what we bought into…

    I’m certainly looking forward to going back at Easter or May depending on flight costs!


    Great photos GP. Thanks for sharing.

    I have to say the development really is taking shape nicely.

    We are itching to get over there. Work is in the way at the minute.
    Will hopefully go later this year and get it furnished and connected.

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