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    I’m buying on VC2 which is nearing completion and I just wondered how other buyers were getting on with things.

    We’ve ordered furniture from Trevor Wilson at Boa Vista Property Services, due to be fitted during November (fingers crossed). Has anyone had furniture from this company?

    We’re also getting a water filter fitted by Mark Boustead at Agua Fresca. We got in touch with Mark a while ago because we heard having a filter is pretty much essential in Cape Verde. The water isnt safe for drinking so having a filter saves on buying (and carrying!) bottled water. I gather Mark has fitted filters on quite a few of the developments, mostly in Sal, and we’ve heard good things about him. He’s fitting our filter in November.

    Blue Banana have done our snagging and we’re quite surprised at the number of repairs needed, mostly rusty metalwork, loose tiles, etc. Have other people come across similar issues following snagging?

    Is anyone else using Blue Banana to manage their property (key holding, cleaning, maintenance, etc)? Or which other companies are people using? Are there any VC1 owners who can share advice/recommendations on who to use to maintain their properties?

    With regards to the delay in completing (nearly 3 years late), our solicitor has advised that any compensation on the final payment is highly unlikely, which we aren’t really surprised at, though if course it’s disappointing…at least the development has actually been completed unlike some others!

    I look forward to hearing from any fellow owners…


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    Both Trevor and Mark run extremely reliable businesses. I have a water filter and it makes a big difference, saves on lugging large pots of water about. You might want to consider mosquito blinds as well. Once it got green on Vila Verde they became a bit of a problem, Colin Wilson CV Screens is the person to contact if you need to. Congratulations on your apartment being nearly ready, it is lovely to go out to your own place, we love it!


    Thanks for that. When we were last on Boa Vista we definitely noticed more mosquitoes than on Sal, so yes mosquito screens are probably a good idea, thanks.


    Hi Sarah,

    I have also bought on VC2 and am keen to get to know others who have bought there too.

    Best wishes,

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