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    It’s simply because even their statements DONT make sense now!

    2 years ago they had the money to finish the village!
    Last year they claimed money was in place with the IPO and Loan!
    Just before Christmas, they said they didn’t have the money, now they say they have the money to finish the village and SV yet again, but want the foundation payments on SV in?

    The New Builders, Bowdon, they tell you to look at their web site, Look at their portfolio! Their Project Managers. Then were told it’s not Bowdon themselves, it’s a subsidiary (arm) of Bowdon called Banner? Where is their web site and portfolio? ….showing their experience in this field?

    All anyone is asking is, What’s Going ON? A clear define answer rather than riddles! So I can see why Parker’s in a rage! Keep it in the forum were there all happy bunnies, don’t tell anyone that may question it!

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    I understand from sources, that Graham P has chastised everyone on that site?
    apparently someone copy and pasted info from there site and put it on this one!
    My source said that he was very unhappy,(throwing his toys out of the pram was the words used) and said he thought there site should not contact anyone outside it, or give info away??????????????????
    Why what is there to hide? what motives would Graham have for that sort of attitude???????????

    If it was caused by me asking you to copy what GrahamP put on his meeting with Mandy I am sorry bud!


    They all follow and dont question, it should be called the unfriendly sheep forum!

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