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    The easiest way to travel from island to island is going by plane. With the exeption of Santo Antão and Brava, all islands have an airport or an airfield. Some islands are rarely connected and if you have the intention to visit for instance São Nicolau of Maio you should book your flight as early as possible. ❗
    From Sal (the biggest airport of the archipelago) several fights take place every day in many domestic destinations. Also the capital Praia ist well served.
    International airports are Sal, Praia, Boavista and S. Vicente. If you travel by TACV (and merely by TACV) from Europe to Cape Verde you can acquire a traveller-passport for domestic flights. This traveller-passport makes the trips between the islands cheaper. 😉
    Regular ship-connections exist between São Vicente and Santo Antão (normally two times a day) and between Fogo and Brava. A new highspeed-ferry runs every day between Santiago (Praia)-Fogo-Brava and vice versa.
    Other ship-connections are seldom and the frequency is low (sometimes weekly or every fortnight). 😐
    Hope, these information can help you by planning your individual trip. 😆

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