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    I will be going to Boa Vista at the end of July. I would like to take some light resources for a school. Package trip so limited luggage allowance. I have searched for some information on education system and looked for a possible contact. I assume schools are run by RC church /orders. Could you advise on what to take and how to get it to the right place?
    Eliz ❓

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    Hello betho,

    I am happy to read, that someone else like I has the intention to help people in this beautiful country.
    As school equippment ist rather expensive for parents, they are always glad, if they get a support.
    But give only donations to the teachers, not directly to the pupils (they might get in trouble , because of jealousy) ❗

    They need e.g. coloured pencils, rubbers, and other little things, which make the daily life more agreable.

    Also tooth-brushes and toothpaste are very welcome. 😛

    Have a nice stay on Boavista 😀


    Ariminum, do schools on all the islands need these things? We are going to Santiago, Sao Vicente, and Sal, and could probably take some supplies if needed. Do people need anything else that’s cheap and easy to get here, eg clothing and suchlike?

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