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    You seem to be well advised on which airlines can travel to Cape Verde. Can you tell me why Ryanair do not take on this route? They are well represented with a hub in Faro, which is aprox. the same distance to Glasgow(Prestwick)as Faro is to Sal. Sometimes flights to Prestwick can be as low as 10€, and from your posts I know you would happily pay in the region of 200 – 250€. I use Ryanair on a regular basis, and I hate the way I am treated, but pricewise nobody offers such good prices. In modern language taking on this route is a”no brainer” but there must be something that is stopping them. I have heard that the landing fee’s are very expensive, but Ryanair have never been slow before to add these onto the ticket prices.

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    Two weeks ago I emailed TACV in three different countries asking for prices and timetables (Netherlands, Portugal and France). I have not received one reply. The people ruuning this company should be held accountable to the citizens they are causing losses instead of potentail profits to.


    Unfortunately TACV is in the process of privatization and is actually very weak in the question dealing with the public. Fall short.
    About Ryanair I do not believe you can get into market CABO VERDE it is almost a closed market, except the TAP operates in some parts.
    But it is really difficult to get information, but I advise you to look for a travel agency, they will give you the prices as they have in the reservation system online (I know because I am a consultant and have this access).

    Any questions, maybe I can help you.



    Hi Arruda,
    I know I am a bit late in replying to your posting, but wondered if your knowledge with TACV could shed any information on their
    flights from Beja to Cape Verde. I was told that flights from Heathrow to Beja could be tied up with a twice weekly flight on to Cape Verde. I also understand that the authorities at Beja are very keen to make this former US Airforce base into a viable

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