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    You’re in the same boat as most now, It’s a waiting game. I’m not sure what to think of that site, as it has not been up-dated as per it said it would. Some time ago, there was another one the same, but Tecnicil or solicitors stopped e-mail being put up as they are marked “for the recipient only”.

    Is it a ploy to get Tecnicil act with money back ? Is it genuine plea ? the only way of knowing is after this up-date ! with pdf’s. I’ve found out who owns the site and she appears to be an owner though.

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    Is there ANY news (positive) at all coming through from Villa Verde?
    Having just read that web site post, rather than just reading, I’ve decided to write. I’m reluctant to pass any more funds to Tecnicil, until there is an up-date on this so called news, anyone else not sure now? Phase1 is just a never ending story, I know people keep saying it’s getting there, but it was getting there last year too. We constantly argue over it now, and my husband is so sick of the whole idea now, he refuses to even talk of it. This was our retirement dream, I wish I’d listened to some doubters and not rushed in blindly. This is turning into a nightmare for me.

    Someone Please!

    kate everett

    I think patience has to be the answer here. Back in 1996 when we bought our townhouse off plan no-one (including Tecnicil) could have forecast a world recession. It was a real eye opener to visit last month and compare Vila Verde to other sites – in terms of build and site quality there is no comparison with many of the developments on the island. It will be finished, and to a very high standard including stunning landscaping and public areas and all we can do now is wait. We are on the homeward stretch!
    A visit to the island is good for the soul if you can manage to get out there and remind yourself why you fell in love with Cape Verde in the first place.



    I agree Kate. I have not bought in VV but was in Sal last month and enjoyed Sal very much. I mentioned this before but unlike other reports, I spoke to non-property owners on the plane on the way back and they really enjoyed their stay with one couple ready to book a return trip.


    At a time Tecnicil could be easing buyers minds they choose not to even return your mails, and if you’re lucky enough to get a reply, it’s just anything that comes into their heads. Strike over ! , and they get rid of half the workers ! at a time you’d think they would need them to finish phase 1, they continue to drag it out, while still drawing big wages for themselves. The amount of work needed to finish phase 1 is nothing, especially when you look at Tortuga to see how a site should be working., one two weeks at the most, so you should quite rightly be asking Tecnicil those questions. The only ones benefiting is Tecnicil employee’s still getting salaries while the debt mounts up that the buyers will have to repay for them through High Service Charges.

    Bad Management through and through, it’s none of the wonder buyers are getting so sick. One point I would disagree with Kate, Everyone knew that the property bubble was going to bust, just not when. This late on and still no Owners Group, you could have put pressure on them to limit the amount of Service Charges ect ! or even release what they are. Your going to need one with them Managing the resort for sure !!!!
    God only knows the mess they’ll make of the Managing of it. But, it is your money and if all you want to do is sit back and be patient, do so.


    That site has been up-dated and will give full details this Wednesday


    Is the site you are discussing other than first page with updates can not seem to drill down? Is there further infomation

    and isn’t this the ramblings of a disgruntled lone buyer of ‘multiple units’ as he states… I take it they weren’t all for personal use and the lack of rising values hasn’t made him rich… Is there more to it?

    I guess if you believe the site all will be revealed Wednesday!


    I think it’s more the broken promises by Tecnicil, like those who one died and were promised their money back but as yet, No Dosh back, or those who were promised 5% rent and a year on still waiting. Have to wait till Wednesday to see. I wonder how they get in touch ? there’s no mail or any contact details.


    Hi all, something positive is wanted, so here it comes…..

    We arrived here on Monday to stay in VV for 4 weeks. Been here 3 days and love it. Haven’t stopped smiling yet! Appartment is fantastic, weather amazing and tecnicil have been totally accomodating. Meeting with Nelson tonight at his request! Currently sitting in the turtle shack drinking a beer and staring at turquoise sea and white sand. Spent the last 2 days in the VV pools. Idilic!
    Not bothered by any negativity on this site. Yes its been a long time coming but its so gonna be worth the wait.
    Anyone wanting an update on progress of communities please just ask and we will do our best to find out. Back in the miserable UK on 23 August. Got to go now my Strela is getting warm!

    Don’t forget to say -Ami e Strellista E bo [:D]




    Hello, DJWDarren,
    finally one HAPPY VV owner!!! Hallelujah!!
    Now, please, if you can spare 15 minutes of your time, come and visit me at my showroom, next to the post office, just to tell everybody here that We EXIST!
    I’ll be happy to offer you an expresso (Italia, of course…)
    and enjoy your holydays



    A mi Estrelista também!
    and it’s true, Strela is the only draft beer you can find here, in Sal (Idon’t know in the other islands) and it’s great!


    Nice post djw, very jealous!!! I see the disgruntled buyer on hasn’t updated anything yet as promised… I’m hoping to finally complete this week so I might be kicking off my flip flops soon myself… fingers crossed!


    Darren, nice to hear your enjoying yourself, have a nice time there.

    I wish all the best for you,I’m sure you will achieve your goal.I think most of us want the same thing,maybe without some of the trappings though.[:D]
    Be happy!


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