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    has anyone got any idea how the sambala friends are doing are they still all happy with the grepne bunch or have they seen the light ,is it not time they reinstated all the banned members so we know whats going on

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    This is starting 2 look like the Dead Parrot sketch. So what exactly do U get for UR money by payin the resort fees then?

    Grepne has mismanaged this whole project from start 2 finish. This is just proof they cannot accept blame or responsibility. He should B paying 2 maintain the resort while he farts around in Monaco. Why make owners suffer any more? They already have 2 pay annual UIP – something he already thinks he is above paying.

    They wont fork out a bean. Banks, investors, owners, employees, creditor, suppliers, local govt – all been stuffed. Now Grepne begs for more.

    Omnishambles. Disgusting and cruel joke!

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