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    carol 888

    Pascale is it your friends that are going to Boa Vista, are you still visiting Sal in January ?

    From what I have read the Riu Karamboa is now fully opened, I’ve also seen pictures on youtube of the hotel with people enjoying the pool, unfortunately the reviews given were in German.

    I hope whoever is going, has a great time.


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    Does anyone know something about the Riu hotel on Boa Vista ? Friends of us are going 4 February 2009. Now they heard that the hotel isn’t open yet, or worse, they are still building. Can anyone advise us please ? Thank you very, very much !


    Hi Carol, yes, friends of us are going to Riu Karamboa 4 February.We visit Sal, 4-14 January.We will stay at the Riu Garopa.I’ve had sleepless nights after booking, finding the ‘tripadvisor’ site.But now, I don’t care anymore,the latest reviews are very,very positive.My only concern now is the weather,but I realise no one can tell us what the weather will be on our holiday.We just go there to relax after months of hard working,we work 7 days a week !We just want to lay in the sun and have a good time.So I hope I’ve made the right choice for 2 couples !The belgian winters are so dark and so long so I hope the sun will be there !

    peter c

    you think the Belgian winters are long and dark, you want to try the UK!
    All this global warming is making me discontent.


    There are heaps of threads about the Riu Karamboa on the Boa Vista Experience website – from people who are going there, and people who are staying there at the moment.

    The hotel is complete and occupancy rates are staggeringly high for a hotel in its first week – they only have rooms available on 2 weeks between now and Xmas. The rest of the time it’s full. Very impressive for a 750-room hotel.

    Boa Vista has arrived on the world stage



    We truly hope so, however time will tell. Direct flights from the UK to BoaVista were way ahead of my original hopes 2006, I hoping they would be in place by 2010. The Riu is open and apparently very popular, going by the postings on the forum you mention above! Single threads have had over 20 postings a day, there also having been over 23,000 viewings(yes 23,000!), on the Riu Karamboa to date! The Riu group know how to get things done! I believe plans are afoot for the 2nd Riu on BoaVista, a far bigger hotel on the southern coast. That should result in at least 2 direct flights per week from the UK.

    I thus also believe BoaVista has arrived on the international stage! The grey clouds of the credit crunch being the only dampner!




    The Riu in Boavista is up and running with about 250 brits arriving on a plane on the 7th Nov. No problems heard of while we were there on holiday in Boavista.

    E Thomas



    the riu garopa is ok, the truth of the matter is that it isnt really five star but then realistically you dont get a weeks all inclusive at a true 5 star for under £1000,
    enjoy it for what it is, a big hotel catering for the masses, dont expect true 5 star and you woint be dissapointed

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