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    hello everyone! I Am new on this forum. I am from Poland.

    I have a one question, becouse I would like visit Cape Verde at this summertime. It’s possible to go and back by ferry for example from Dakar or somewhere in Marocco? I ask, cuz I love travel by hitch-hiking and want to go by ferry from somewhere in Africa.

    If it impossible, maybe someone know from where in western Africa are the cheapest flights to Cape Verde? I mean exactly Marocco, maybe Mauretania or Senegal?

    Big Greetings from Poland! 😀

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    there is no passenger ferries from Marocco or other african countries to Cape Verde.

    The best point to fly to Cape Verde from Africa is from Dakar (TACV Airlines) or from Banjul (Binter).
    You can also fly from Canary islands with Binter.

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