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    1- Please open new thread for each topic, for example: one thread for infrastructure, one thread for economy, one thread for tourism,

    2- ONLY FACTS please – all comments as “Cape Verde is wonderfull” or “Cape Verde is bad” are simply subjective, unproven statements, which will not be published here !

    3- Please put the source of information, or others in order to prove the statements, unproven statements will not be published !

    4- Please answer on threads to discuss some statements or to ammend them. No personal comments allowed – just facts please !

    5- Please do not inlcude personal singular stories as “I bought … ” and still I have no keys,… we are not trying to solve personal singular problems, we want general facts. There will be a thread for development status, again, please only proven !

    6- All postings will be reviewed before publishing !

    7- If you think to have found errors in the facts section, please post the corrections/suggestions as answers to the facts. If you send additional facts, they will be approved and if you send suggestions to errors have been made, they will be taken in account.

    8- If you think it´s needed to openly discuss some facts, please open a new topic in the general forum, where open discussion could also lead to changing possible errors, after getting to new conclusions.

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