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    If things are so great. Can you pop over to the turinvest office and ask them why my apartment on the djadsal is 4 years late in delivery with still no completion date?

    And while your there mention that our understanding of the water park was not a great big pond outside block e.

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    You tried to insinuate that the board were ex financial advisors. I said that this was not true!!!

    In relation to previous projects the current owners of TRG did exactly what they are doing on Tortuga now through a Spanish company. In just the same way as they have incorporated LDA’s in CV!!!

    You know nothing.

    Chris, you can think what you want!! You are wrong. Just like you were wrong about me being someone that you now say lives in CV!!

    You do keep making yourself look stupid!!


    carlg, are you saying then that TRG are a long established company???

    just out of curiosity really

    in the construction industry i would still class them as new(ish)

    we have a diference of opinion on what is newish, that all

    you twat


    carl, please find my post where i say the board are all financial advisers

    please find it you can prove yourself sorrect then

    find those words you have just posted where i say “most of the board are financial advisers”

    please find it, go on you, you know its there,,,dont you


    You do like to contradict yourself don’t you.

    You make statementsabout how I post and then come out with the usual abuse that everyone will link to a bitter negative green eyed and twisted individual that you are!!

    You aren’t worth the air time.



    I know more than you think…. and you know too much… you have access to info no company would give to an outsider…..
    I know that you do not live in CV, and I know that you do not live in the UK either! Liar!
    of course, you cannot say: hey guys, sorry, yes, I work for TRG, I’m sorry I lied to you….
    that would be even worse…. loss of face for you and for TRG….
    So you MUST keep it up…. and play the happy investor, without any doubts, or fears…..
    but you are doing TOO MUCH! don’t you realize that your exaggeration is in itself a confession? TRG is HOLY! Hallelujah! I have seen the light! They are good for me, they are good for you! they are good for CV!They are the best! the one and only!
    Praise TRG! Thank the Lord for their coming to us!

    anyway, have a nice and sunny day!


    lol chris, was anyone ever in any doubt he is a liar



    You clearly know nothing.

    i don’t need any direction from you thanks all the same.

    I will post facts on here and nothing else unlike you!!

    If you don’t know the answer then don’t post.

    Are you now comfortable that the land aquisition costs I posted are correct if you know so much about things?


    Dumbo Boy

    What is it that makes me a liar.

    As I have maintained I have posted the truth. Unlike you guys!!


    carlg, everything about you is dishonest

    you wont even post where you have bought etc as you dont wanna be fingered

    you havent been honest about your association with TRG, have u, u naughty naughty boy (girl)

    i have fingered you today, i bet i am not the first, lol


    you seem to love diferent people fingering you


    You are really doing me a big favour at the minute because you are making yourself look completely stupid.

    Your comments are immature and lack credibility.

    I don’t need to try to show you for what you are, you have done that without any assistance from me!



    as this discussion is getting too primitive and personal, I am closing this topic now.

    If you would like to post some more (proven) facts, just let me know by email. Thanks for comprehension.

    Best regards,

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