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    hi George – sure others will help you with further detail but here goes

    1)sand in their video is golden , rather the white look of Sal

    2) Increased wind could be a problem at some times of the year, but on ground the properties and palm trees will buffer those. They are mainly North Easterly (ie coming over the penninisula and then over the beach )

    3) Praia is certainly lively, and as Santiago comes upto scratch i’m sure any dumping problems will be addressed. There is also the likely hood of development next door, so further tidying there. also with a semi gated entrance , there won’t be much happening directly outside

    4)They have confirmed that plane noise is non obstrusive,(probably due to the North easterly winds) but you’ll certainly see them, although on a far lesser degree than other airports due to numbers. Not sure how Sambala fares as they are up the coast a bit more

    hope this helps a bit

    Sunny Sussex goes south

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    I’m Portuguese, and really interested in the PB resort.

    I’m doing some research on the Internet. As I can see there is not a similar resort in Cape Verde, in terms of the aesthetic and architecture. But I still have some objections in terms of the location.

    Next week I will talk directly with Design Resorts, but I want to get the maximum information in advance and preferably from independent source, as current owners, or someone that eventually visited Santiago and Ponta Bicuda.

    Please do not take my questions as sceptical or critical to PB. Probably the current owners had similar doubts in the early stages of decision. Also I’m planning to travel to Cape Verde at the beginning of 2008, to check Santiago, Cidade da Praia, and Ponta Bicuda.

    1.The beach: appears to be very small, and the sand is really as white as it appears in photographs? The island is volcanic and other photos from beaches in Cidade da Praia are darker, almost gray. The colour has been digitally altered?
    2.The peninsula Cliff: I know that Cape Verde is not exposed to hurricanes or storms. But the location is not too windy? Cor di Mar begins just almost at sea level, is not too unprotected?
    3.Neighbourhoods: PB seems to be in suburbs of the main city (Praia). I’ve found some news about some degradation and illegal waste disposal at “Achada de Trás Grande”, where PB is located.
    4.Airport. Seems to be too close to the airport. How will be the noise with all the movement expected?

    If someone who has visited Santiago and Ponta Bicuda, could help on this doubts I’ll appreciated.

    My apologies for such a larger post.


    Hi George

    I Support the response Seagullsslimjim has already posted and offer the following additions

    1. The beach sand is not white but sandy! coloured – There is quite a bit of debris (natural & rubbish) as it doesn’t currently appear to be maintained in any way – PB advise they will resolve & maintain to a standard befitting a 5 star resort
    2. The prevailing wind is from the North East which is from behind the peninsula so the resorts will self protect to some degree and with only 1 small beach, the likelihood of getting sand blasted is much less likely than on Sal
    3. The surrounding area does have some visual impact issues but PB are looking to minimise or resolve. There is a lot of education to do in CV and it will take time to get the standards raised to the desired level. Over time, with continued government commitment to tourism, these things will reduce.
    4. Yes the airport is close – upside is easy access – down side is potential noise & visual impact but with aircraft taking off & landing into wind, the approach is from off shore & there should be no need to overfly the site

    Hope this helps a little




    Some different views for you.

    1)Portinho Beach is very small. Like most of Praia’s beaches it’s dirty with tons of rubbish and glass bottles in piles all around the back of the sand area. The sand is golden and black depending on the wash of the tide. That said it is the favourite Praia beach of many of the local and ex-pat people that I know. It’s possible to clean up the rubbish but the volcanic sand will always give the sand a bit of a dirty look. It can/ will be a very nice little beach but it’ll never feature on a postcard.

    2)Cape Verde is windy. Very windy in the winter months, and there’s nothing you can do to escape it. The beach is protected by the cliffs but the properties on the plateau will certainly feel it. That’s nothing to do with PB, it’s just CV. I would be careful in thinking that PB will be doing much in terms of wind breaks. Better just to accept that there’s a nice breeze most of the time. Also, don’t worry about being at sea level. Even the stormy days aren’t too bad.

    3)This is a concern for a few reasons. Achada Grande de Tras is Praia’s industrial zone and one of the poorest residential communities. If you have a property looking towards the city then you’ll always be looking at the Shell terminal, the warehouses of AGdeT and soon the Container Village from the port extension. The local community has more than it’s share of bandidos and fly tipping happens daily. The up side is that you are close to the city so you can go out for drinks and dinner anytime. Praia is a good city once you’ve learnt where to go.

    4)Don’t worry about the airport. It’s no problem for PB. I work under the flight path and barely notice it. Additionally, your on the entry path so the engine noise is much less than Sambala get on the take off path.

    Hopefully helpful info and with no bias of any kind – I think

    Seagullsslimjim, Woodfold, Lemanistan, thanks a lot for the answers and Information

    From my research in internet I did not found de PB beach name. Searching with Portinho Beach, I’ve already found good realistic photos.


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