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    My 2 bedroom apartment ( T2 ) windows & doors ‘inside’ measurement at ‘marble threshold’ ( where door frame or window frame meets wall ) were as follows:

    Patio door ( 4 sliding doors unit )
    width 240cm ( 7ft 10 ½ in )
    height 208cm (6ft 10in )

    Kitchen door ( tilt and vent or open style )
    width 100cm ( 3ft 3 ½ in )
    height 210cm ( 6ft 10 ½ in )

    Bedroom windows ( both ‘Juliet’ style & almost to floor level )
    width 120cm ( 3ft 11 ¼ in )
    height 188cm ( 6ft 2 in )

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    Does anyone have the size of the patio doors on a T2 appt please


    Hi guys i have purchased a T2 on Raphis and was told that the bedroom
    balconies would be juliet style which you could step out on, looking
    at photos from first snag i see that they are flat on patio doors. Can anyone tell me if they have had the same problem and if so how it was resolved.


    Thanks Hod
    We are ground floor so all patio doors apart from kitchen so I assume patio doors are all same size.


    We have patio doors installed at the backside of our home. I got them installed from GTA Windows and Doors Patio Doors Toronto about 3 years back. They also provided me with a free estimate before I purchased them.


    Actually i don’t have any experience about patio doors but last month My uncle had it fixed by local patio door contractor. Any information about patio doors size check their Web Site.

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