Now you can sue Grepne

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    I have been reliable informed by someone pursuing another developer in CV that a European lawyer has advised that EU members can sue other EU members for losses even if the place of interest is outside the EU. New EU Regulation 1215/2012 replaces an older Reg and is retrospective and Article 17 is particularly interesting. Just google it. So Grepne can be sued using one of the following 2 factors:

    1. He resides in France (quite comfortably in fact on our money).

    2. Sambala had an agency in the UK (Sambala Developments Ltd, which went bankrupt last year).

    So investors can get together and bankrupt him, regardless of what his piss contract says. It can be voided for various reasons!

    First step is to get French lawyer to obtain Grepnes current address in Bagnols en Floret or wherever the hell he is hiding now.

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    the trouble is now getting people interested after all this time it seems they have all vanished and grepne is laughing his cock off

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