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    We’re a couple, thinking of going on holiday in Cape Verde. I’ve been looking for accommodation, but all I could find online were quite fancy hotels / resorts – we’re not really into that…

    So I’m looking for a more simple kind of accommodation, like bungalows or huts or suchlike, preferably close to the beach. It has to be simple and calm and not-posh. I’ve seen the post “bungalows” below but the links given are, again, of hotels.

    Are there such places in Cape Verde, and can they be found online at all?


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    Hello O-Boo,

    I am not sure if I understand, but to find bungalows that don´t belong to an hotel will be a little difficult in Cape Verde.
    I only could imagine that you could like a very different type of hotel located in Tarrafal / Santo Antao island – have a look here on under Islands/Santo Antao there you will find these mentioned in the text and also the links to these bungalows.

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