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    Hi Emms,
    The Nightclub is in the RIU Funana next door. It is located on the first floor at the back of the main entertainment area. It’s quite small plays mainly Cape Verdean Music and anything goes with dress.

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    I’m staying at the Riu Garopa in June and wanted to know what the nightclub is like at the hotel.

    Also if anyone has any info on the evening dress code (my man likes to wear smart t-shirts and jeans rather than shirts, is this acceptable there?)

    Any other advice or tips regarding this hotel would be great- thanks



    Anything goes on the dancefloor too.

    Emms – he would better off in a black suit, and no hair.

    Why not look the part? Last time we were there at the RIU Garopa we thought the club was good. Afterall the drinks are free, so are the guys and girls.

    Cape Verde Property Protection and Security Services.

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