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    Hi AAG,
    Thanks for news regarding the update. I look forward to day of justice, which is long over due.

    Keep up the good work.


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    We would like to advise that our website and dossier have been updated and we look forward to reporting more pertinent developments soon.

    We would like to state that our members are not responsible for the vast majority of posts on this forum which have become rather hostile recently. Also, anyone claiming to be a member of AAG or advising others to join us is misrepresenting our group. We are in fact not open to new membership. Our intention is to collate information and inform investors and, in the near future, bring willing investors together independent of our group to take affirmative action, as is their right to do so.

    Investors can gauge the tone of our public comments on our website.

    Best regards,


    Bring on AAG II !!!!

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