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    I have brought a semi detached villa and i have paid all my condo fees, i have now rented my villa at the moment so not all bad news.I Have just spoken with developers and they have told me that their will be a new beach club on a resort by next year so much better news,and also their is now a pool bar that has just open.

    so if anyone would like to get in contact with me just give me an e-mail

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    Wow that place would be the most happening place in the entire town. I would try to visit that place in near future.


    beach club when I first placed a deposit 9 YEARS ago they told me a top of the range hotel complex so dont hold your breath mate


    As an owner in Paradise Beach I have recently received an email advising that any owners who wishes to get involved in a rental scheme would need to purchase a specific furniture pack going forward from 1st March.

    Have any other owners received this email or other information in relation to a touted beach club or rental scheme?


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