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    Latest online – looks like Viceroy are quietly slipping away. Just look at the news release featured on frontpage of

    Also an update on

    Viceroy must be embarrassed. Good to know its just not us ordinary investors who were suckered by Domboy’s bull.

    It’s time Grepne sold his luxury property in Monaco and put the proceeds together with all the cash he has squirreled away and pay it back to investors. Not that it will cover all our losses. What sort of man is he to keep livin the life out there while we all suffer. That goes for McGlynn too on his £250k a year salary plus whatever else he’s been takin. Both R setup for life.

    I wasn’t part of the original Dirty dozen posters on here who were damned for bein cynical, even though the project was already in tatters by 2010. The people who kept on believin the bull even as late as 2 months ago dont deserve to get their money back. They helped Domboy keep the sham running instead o standin up to him.

    Anyone who still doesn’t know what a dead duck looks like by now needs to go on a course. I bet Domboy pops up briefly next week to issue more bull b4 disappearing again 4evr.

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